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Under the trend of consumption upgrading, the awareness of consumer sovereignty awakens, and the requirements for consumption experience are upgraded. As the core link of consumer experience, customer service connects consumers and businesses, and becomes an important factor affecting consumer stickiness. However, the irreconcilable contradiction between the massive consulting demand of consumers and the limited supply of manual customer service promotes enterprises to explore the intellectualization and digitization of customer service system, improve the response efficiency of customer service, optimize the consumption experience and realize the cost reduction and efficiency increase. Intelligent customer service came into being.

What is intelligent customer service?

According to the definition of 36 krypton Research Institute, intelligent customer service refers to a form of customer service that can release human cost and improve response efficiency by using customer service robot to assist manual conversation, quality inspection and business processing under the technology of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing. The in-depth application of multi-technology further expands the functional boundary of intelligent customer service, which extends from basic manual customer service assistance to operation management, marketing and other functions.

Smart customer service pain points still exist, do deep products to help enterprises occupy the competitive Highland

For enterprise users, intelligent customer service has achieved certain results in reducing cost and increasing efficiency. However, due to the immature underlying technology, intelligent customer service still has a large space for breakthrough. Intelligent customer service is not “smart” is the industry pain point that every supplier should face at this stage.

Therefore, for suppliers, technology, products and services, organization and management constitute the basis for enterprises to build core competitiveness, and promote enterprises to directly attack the industry pain points to be solved, and stand out in the increasingly fierce industry competition. The underlying technical capability determines whether the supplier can enter the board, while the products and services determine how far the supplier can go. It is the “Assassin’s mace” for intelligent customer service suppliers to occupy the competitive highland by deeply ploughing into various vertical fields, accumulating reusable technical experience in the industry, continuously enriching and optimizing intelligent customer service products, and reducing costs.

Tomorrow of intelligent customer service: from cost center to value center, service scenarios continue to be rich

On the one hand, with the natural advantages of facing consumers directly, intelligent customer service is expected to connect the massive consumption data of various systems, channels and scenarios of the enterprise, effectively transform the data into enterprise assets, and then enable the enterprise operation management and marketing decision-making, and realize the upgrading from cost center to value center.

On the other hand, the commercial application of 5g technology brings more imagination space for intelligent customer service, broadens service scenarios, innovates intelligent customer service forms, and brings more user-friendly, more intuitive and interactive customer service system.

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