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Since 2016, Deloitte China has launched the human resource shared service in China every two years Center, hereinafter referred to as “HRSSC”) research, through the establishment of HRSSC and has established the enterprise’s operation status and play value of a comprehensive evaluation, and its construction process facing trends and challenges are analyzed, and targeted solutions are proposed.

Two years later, Deloitte launched another HRSSC research activity in China in 2020. Under the leadership of Deloitte’s HR strategic transformation partner Ms. Zheng Hua and director Li Ning, since its launch in March this year, Deloitte has received more than 200 enterprises’ participation and response, including service domain, service operation, service value, service capability, system and technology, and future trend Questions provide feedback. The enterprises involved in the survey include various enterprises in consumption, science and technology, energy, real estate, finance and other industries. More than 20% of the enterprises are benchmark enterprises in various industries and the top ten leading enterprises in the industry.

It is found that in the past two years, more and more Chinese enterprises have realized that HRSSC construction is not only the starting point of digital transformation of human resources, but also the traction stone of human resource transformation (HRT). Based on this, compared with the first HRSSC sharing tide in China from 2015 to 2017, Chinese enterprises have a stronger willingness to establish HRSSC in the past two years, with a clearer purpose and a firmer pace. In the era of “new normal” and “sharing technology”, the “special year” and “sharing technology” will also give birth to the “new era” and “sharing technology”. China’s second “tide of human resources sharing” has quietly attacked.

In order to help the enterprises which are or will be carrying out the construction or optimization of human resource sharing center in China’s second “human resource sharing tide” how to realize overtaking on the curve, the HRSSC survey of Deloitte in China in 2020 is summarized as “six key findings”:

Key discovery 1: high station, raise value.

Key finding 2: “long distance love” is also beautiful.

Key discovery 3: process, mode and technology are indispensable in pursuit of excellent operation.

Key discovery 4: customer first, no longer self interested.

Key discovery 5: promote personnel development and strengthen “core kinetic energy”.

Key discovery 6: realize technology upgrading and create “excellent equipment”.

It is found that 70% of the existing enterprises are short of human resources in the process of strategic transformation. However, it is not clear that 70% of the existing enterprises are lack of human resources in the process of strategic transformation.

In view of these challenges and findings, Deloitte, as a leader in the construction and service of human resource transformation and sharing service center, has been exploring and researching continuously, aiming to help Chinese enterprises to sail and ride the waves together and exert greater value and influence in the wave of human resource sharing construction and human resource transformation.

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