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The following is the Research Report on China’s shared services in 2020 From ACCA recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: O2O, research report, Mobile Internet.

This report covers the construction status, operation maturity, external challenges, digital transformation and other aspects of the shared service center, focusing on evaluating the operation maturity of the shared service center and exploring the new development in the digital future, so as to provide reference for enterprises to build an excellent shared service center in the industry, and explore the unlimited possibilities for the future development of financial shared services, so as to provide reference for financial enterprises to go digital “Explore the way.”.

In 2020, China’s research activities in the field of shared services started in September. On the basis of four consecutive years of research on China’s shared services, the core research team of the report adopted a variety of research methods.

We extensively collected enterprise practice data by means of questionnaire survey, conducted in-depth interviews with 11 online in-depth interviews, 4 online closed door round table discussions and 1 offline closed door seminar with a number of middle and senior financial managers and the person in charge of shared service center, excavated excellent cases of operation optimization and practice of financial digital transformation of Chinese enterprises’ shared service center, and promoted the development of China’s shared service field The development of the enterprise financial digital transformation.

Seven key points of China’s shared services in 2020

01. Development of shared services

Shared services are in a stage of rapid development in China. Among the surveyed enterprises, 71.28% of the shared service centers were built in the past five years.

02. Strategic layout, site selection and service scope

The strategic layout, location and service scope of the shared service center are basically consistent with the survey results in 2018. From the city’s first strategic structure, 81.31% of the surveyed enterprises share the service center with a single center mode. From the location of the city, the North China Guangzhou Shenzhen is still a popular choice. New first tier cities such as Xi’an, Wuhan and Chengdu are also gradually being favored. From the perspective of the service scope, 75.43% of the R & D enterprises sharing service centers are still providing services to the mainland of China.

03. Operational maturity

The overall average score of operation maturity of shared service center is 64.37, which is in the promotion period.

04. External challenges

National policy changes (64.80%) and technology development (58.80%) were considered as the main external challenges affecting the development of shared service centers.

05. Emerging technologies

The shared service center actively explores the application of emerging technologies. In the survey, it is found that more and more enterprises apply RPA, big data, visualization and other technologies in the shared service center to further improve business processing efficiency and strengthen risk control, so as to provide excellent customer service and high-quality decision support.

06. Core challenges

Digital talent shortage (56.80%), internal data management ability and process reengineering (51.20%) are the core challenges of financial digital transformation.

07. Digital transformation

95.20% of the surveyed enterprises have preliminary or mature financial digital strategies and plans. Financial digital transformation has become a new trend of financial development. Shared service center will be transformed into enterprise data center to create competitive advantages for enterprises.

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