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Research Report on China’s smart logistics industry in 2020 From Leopard head

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In the stage of intelligent logistics, emerging technologies such as Internet of things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence have been applied in the logistics field to provide the underlying technical support for intelligent logistics. Other logistics application technologies have synergistic effect, which enables information sharing in all aspects of logistics. The intelligent logistics system automatically arranges resource allocation, optimizes logistics operation efficiency, greatly reduces manual intervention and saves people Cost of labor. Big data, warehouse automation robot and UAV technology are relatively mature, with practical application ability and conditions, and are expected to realize large-scale commercial application within 3-5 years. Artificial intelligence, Internet of things and driverless technology are not yet mature, and the real large-scale commercial application still needs to be tested. In the next 5-10 years, it is expected that there will be a major technological breakthrough to realize the commercial application in the field of logistics.

In the era of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing, the application market of storage robot is broad

In the trend of intelligent logistics, the application demand of AGV robot in logistics and warehousing has increased significantly. AGV is the most widely used automatic picking equipment in China’s logistics and warehousing. AGV picking robot can automatically plan the optimal route with high picking efficiency. Enterprises can flexibly increase or decrease the number of equipment at any time with low input cost. AGV can increase the average efficiency of picking by 3-5 times, and save 70% of manpower input.

The commercial prospect of UAV application in logistics field is promising

UAV application scheme can help logistics enterprises to rapidly develop and occupy the vast rural market without aggravating the development and labor costs. It has a strong attraction to logistics enterprises and has a considerable commercial prospect. At present, logistics giants such as Jingdong, Shunfeng and rookie all test and trial the “last kilometer” UAV distribution scheme. However, the flight of UAV touches China’s air control regulations. Under the background that the supervision is not yet open, UAV distribution still can not achieve real commercial application.

Intelligent express cabinet becomes a necessary tool for logistics terminal distribution

Intelligent express cabinet is the most widely used emerging product in the “last mile” distribution of logistics. Since 2015, the number of intelligent express cabinets in China has increased by more than 30% every year, and the rate of express delivery has also achieved steady growth. However, the profit model of intelligent express cabinet is not clear, and its independent profitability is weak. Intelligent express cabinet has become more and more logistics giants to improve terminal distribution and save people It is not an independent profit-making tool.

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