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Research Report on climate awareness and behavior of Chinese youth in 2020 From CYCAN

The following is the Research Report on climate awareness and behavior of Chinese youth in 2020 From CYCAN recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Life data, User Research, research report.

“Research Report 2020 on climate awareness and behavior of Chinese youth” focuses on the youth group of Chinese college students aged 18-24. It depicts the climate portrait of Chinese youth from three aspects of climate awareness, climate behavior and climate education, and considers the role and action path of Chinese youth in coping with climate change from two different dimensions of domestic and international.

The report shows that young people have realized the seriousness of climate change, but they have not yet integrated climate change as a social background with their own life and development, or linked climate change as a thinking perspective with broader social issues (such as gender issues), showing a state of high concern and low cognition.

Youth groups believe that the public and the government are the key subjects to undertake the responsibility of coping with climate change, among which the public is considered as the first subject. Generally speaking, they recognize the effectiveness of the government’s policies in coping with climate change, and expect the government to invest more in public participation in policy-making and science education.

On the whole, youth groups are characterized by individual daily practice (lower threshold voluntary activities, online publicity and donations, etc.), more individual consciousness of “starting from me and doing yourself well”, less group imagination of “Youth”, no action path of youth as the main body and lack of willingness to influence the public.

At the same time, the survey data of consumption behavior shows that there is still a lot of room for progress for young people to change their consumption habits. However, it has shown potential for change, and young people are more willing to pay for green.

“Green drift” refers to a form of deceptive publicity report used by green public relations or marketing team to declare to the public that the goals and policies of an organization are environment-friendly. According to the survey, the younger the youth are, the less tolerant they are to “drift green”.

Generally speaking, the channels for youth to participate in climate education are limited, but they have high expectations and willingness to participate in climate education. They hope that colleges and universities can innovate education methods, open more interdisciplinary courses on climate change and various disciplines, and adopt more practical education models.

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