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Ten trends of digital transformation of Chinese enterprises in 2020

Trend 1: the overall maturity of enterprise digital transformation is further improved. From managers to employees are generally involved in the digital transformation of enterprises, and the understanding of digital transformation is further deepened.

Trend 2: the gap between enterprises in the pace of digital transformation is widening. The digital transformation of many domestic industry head enterprises has developed from the initial exploration stage to the digital driven operation stage, and the transformation effect is remarkable.

Trend 3: Digitalization further promotes the transformation and reconstruction of industrial ecology. The traditional linear value chain is expanding into a multi node three-dimensional value network, in which the relationship of competition, cooperation and dependence is also changing, and the industrial boundary of value creation is constantly blurring.

Trend 4: the epidemic situation accelerates the process of enterprise digital transformation. This year’s epidemic has tested the achievements of digital transformation of enterprises in recent years. At the same time, the epidemic has also made enterprises more aware of the importance of digital transformation, and accelerated the construction and online speed of various digital projects.

Trend 5: artificial intelligence has become the most widely used new technology in digital transformation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are found in many industries, and IOT, RPA and other new technologies are also widely used in finance, manufacturing and supply chain management digital transformation.

Trend 6: business and technology departments are more closely integrated in the promotion of digital projects. Digital transformation puts forward the requirements of business and technology dual wheel drive for enterprises. Enterprises have adjusted organizational structure and workflow, and formed agile “building block” collaborative team through various incentive and guarantee mechanisms.

Trend 7: multinational enterprises in China export advanced experience of digital transformation overseas. Benefiting from China’s larger production data, application data and user data, many multinational enterprises or manufacturing plants in China have become “pioneers” of global digital transformation.

Trend 8: the demand of enterprises for digital talents shows explosive growth. Most enterprises choose the way of “internal transfer + external talent introduction” to form a “compound” digital transformation team, and simultaneously promote the cultivation of compound digital talents.

Trend 9: more and more enterprises start from their own needs and pain points and tailor their products to their own needs. This year, we see that more enterprises start from their own needs and pain points to find a transformation scheme suitable for their own maturity and development strategy, and promote project development rhythmically according to the principle of urgent need first.

Trend 10: digital construction of emerging enterprises is more inclusive. Digital young enterprises are committed to applying new technology and business models to subvert their competitors in traditional industries. Quickly copy the digital experience of global excellent enterprises, and promote the digital construction of enterprises.

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