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Research Report on flexible employment of blue collar workers in manufacturing industry From Jiachi International & Zhixiang Club

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There are more than 400 million blue collar workers in China, which constitutes a solid foundation for economic development. However, on the whole, blue collar workers in China’s manufacturing industry are not ideal in terms of working environment and salary. The situation of blue collar workers in manufacturing industry is not optimistic.

In order to rapidly supplement and contract personnel during the ups and downs, enterprises generally adopt temporary supporting flexible employment, such as outsourcing and dispatching. However, as this kind of employment has not fully matured in the market, many enterprises have some problems and challenges both in understanding and practice.

In order to help the manufacturing industry to better employ blue collar workers, on the premise of solving the problem of everyone’s understanding of employment methods, Jiachi International United Zhixiang will respectively look at the problems faced by enterprises in formal employment and flexible employment, and explore their solutions and development ways.

Main findings

In the survey, we found that there are great challenges in the recruitment and employment of blue collar workers

1. Recruitment problems are common – 91.93% of enterprises have difficulties in recruiting blue collar workers

2.86.34% of enterprises took internal recommendation measures in the face of recruitment difficulties

3.82.06% of manufacturing enterprises have labor peak

4.60.54% of the manufacturing operators have informal employees

The manufacturing industry is also facing challenges in the management of blue collar employees

1. The external competition such as express delivery and customer service leads to the decrease of the source of blue collar recruitment in manufacturing industry, and the difficulty of recruitment in manufacturing industry is widespread

2. The manufacturing industry is lack of attraction for the new generation of employees due to its own factors such as high work intensity and poor working environment

3. It is difficult to get enough manpower quickly when the production peak is coming

4. The labor cost doubles in the peak production period, and relying on outsourcing alone will lead to a sharp increase in labor cost

5. The unfair treatment between informal employment and formal employment will lead to employee dissatisfaction

6. The efficiency and production level of informal production are limited due to the lack of systematic training

Solutions and trends

There are two ways to solve the problem

First, we can find and maintain stable personnel supply channels from within the enterprise, such as school enterprise cooperation, or personnel deployment among manufacturing industries within the enterprise;

Second, seek reliable and high-quality flexible employment providers.

With the upgrading of industrial manufacturing capacity, the basic jobs will inevitably be replaced by machines. Ordinary blue collar workers are faced with the choice of transformation to technical blue collar workers. Only in this way can they gradually match the future development of China’s manufacturing industry.

No matter what kind of employment form enterprises adopt in the future, manufacturing industry is required to be more flexible and agile in the form of employment. Flexible employment is the only way for manufacturing industry to mature.

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