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In recent years, the development of e-commerce has experienced three stages: 1.0 era “flow war”, 2.0 era “Scene war” and 3.0 era “mind war”. Fashion brands face three key challenges in this process:

People: only basic population label, lack of clear and reasonable population classification

The biggest feature of the clothing industry is the existence of high and low degree of fashion, and the non-standard is obvious – and each consumer’s judgment of fashion is often based on their own subjective cognition, thousands of people and thousands of faces, which has been difficult to carry out quantitative research. At present, most brands can only divide people by age, income structure, living city and other basic attributes, so it is difficult to build a multidimensional and three-dimensional crowd profile, thus unable to develop a clear and reasonable crowd classification, and can not provide accurate and relevant crowd insight for the brand side, resulting in low overall operation efficiency.

Goods and markets: Online insight is not comprehensive and in-depth, and e-commerce marketing and operation mode is obsolete

Goods – most clothing brands have a shallow understanding of the online platform and lack a comprehensive and in-depth insight into the e-commerce ecology. In terms of commodity operation and management, they often have the shadow of the offline mode (limited by the commodity display space offline, they usually launch a unified category linkage scheme for all groups of people, such as placing some style of trousers beside the white T-shirt, while for some consumers, it’s better to match It may be easier to arouse their cross category shopping desire), unable to customize the collocation recommendation according to the preferences of the crowd, and failing to give full play to the advantages of online convenience, speed and the whole network.

Field brand is used to relying on single marketing means such as hard broadcasting and promotion. With the rapid development of Internet and the constant updating of marketing methods, the identification and grasp of new contacts and new scenes are limited, which greatly hinders the development of product marketing and brand. It is urgent to transform the universal playing method of single gripper into combination boxing and focus on precision marketing of different groups.

Challenge three

Organization / Team: the e-commerce team is relatively fragmented, and it is difficult to promote cooperation

In the operation of most enterprises, e-commerce teams often operate independently and are separated from other teams with insufficient stamina. They have not yet formed joint cooperation in people, goods, field and key growth campaigns. It is urgent to realize the transformation from individual combat to sea, land and air cooperative combat, so as to provide broader and deeper services for consumers and deepen the brand image.

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