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Research Report on Internet hospital policy in 2020 From Eggshell Research Institute

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In 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia suddenly came. While the first-line hospitals are working hard to treat patients, Internet medicine also guides patients to seek reasonable medical treatment through online free consultation, medical insurance payment and drug distribution, so as to meet the urgent needs of patients with chronic diseases and become the “second battlefield” of epidemic prevention and control.

On February 4 and 7, the National Health Commission issued two policies to support Internet diagnosis and treatment; on March 2, the National Health Insurance Bureau issued another policy to include Internet diagnosis and treatment into medical insurance payment. Recently, it has become the most intensive stage of national policy since the formation of internet medical industry.

From the perspective of enterprises, eggshell Research Institute divides policy into four stages: opportunity period, intervention period, expansion period and stability period. What are the policies in each stage? What are the reasons for different hospitals applying for Internet? How about the progress of medical insurance payment breakthrough in each province? What is the possible trend of future policy? What challenges does the industry face?

In order to deeply analyze the impact of policies on Internet hospitals, eggshell Research Institute has disassembled 88 patents from 2015 to now In order to provide a comprehensive policy reference guide for the industry participants, we proposed a two four model of policy analysis based on the relevant policies of Internet hospitals, and analyzed them from the spatial dimension (central to local) and time dimension (development process).

Core point

1. As of March 2020, the central and local governments have issued 88 policies related to Internet hospitals;

2. Looking at the policy evolution from the perspective of enterprises, the Internet hospital is in the expansion period;

3. In the opportunity period, the five core participants jointly build and share hundreds of billions of potential markets;

4. The return visit of common and chronic diseases during the intervention period is the development direction of the government;

5. Hainan has a relatively loose policy on the access of Internet hospitals, which can be run as soon as 48 days;

6. novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, promote the bottleneck of medical insurance payment system;

7. Personnel, prescription, diagnosis and treatment behavior, patient privacy protection and information security are the core links of supervision.

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