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Research Report on it risk management of Internet enterprises in 2020 From China Internet Association

The following is the Research Report on it risk management of Internet enterprises in 2020 From China Internet Association recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, network security.

The rapid innovation of business model and the deep application of information technology of Internet enterprises bring great opportunities to Internet enterprises, but also face the challenges of various risks. The importance of it risk governance is becoming increasingly prominent. In order to strengthen industry mutual assistance and resource sharing, jointly promote the construction of enterprise IT governance system and improve the level of enterprise IT governance, led by China information and Communication Research Institute, the “information technology (it) risk governance Working Committee of China Internet association” (hereinafter referred to as the “working committee”) was established in China Internet association, with more than 40 members in the first batch. The working committee is committed to building an industry platform, ensuring the compliance operation of enterprises, steady operation of business, controllable technology risk, and actively promoting business innovation and new technology application, so as to promote the sustainable and healthy development of ecology.

In order to have an in-depth insight into the main risks, governance status, pain points and challenges of it risk governance of Internet enterprises, the Working Committee launched the questionnaire on it risk governance status of Internet enterprises. This research report is based on the results of the questionnaire survey. It aims to help Internet enterprises grasp the information technology risk management trends of the industry, benchmark the best practices of the industry, and lay the foundation for enterprises to establish an effective information technology risk management system.

This survey covers 30 types of Internet enterprises, including online advertising, e-commerce, online video, online news, online shopping and so on, with a wide range of representativeness.

The report analyzes the organizational structure, risk management strategy and management status of it risk governance of Internet enterprises, conducts detailed investigation on key areas of it risk governance, and summarizes and prospects the situation of it risk governance of Internet enterprises in China. It is hoped that this research can provide guidance for the follow-up work of risk management.

From the survey, Internet enterprises have generally carried out it risk management activities in the fields of legal compliance, business security management, personal information protection, data management, content governance, application management, platform management, infrastructure operation, new technology application, etc. At the same time, the research also summarizes that there are some common development characteristics and key challenges in the process of carrying out it risk management activities for Internet enterprises. For example, in terms of governance structure, some Internet enterprises have not yet established a governance organizational structure with equal rights, responsibilities and benefits, and the lack of independence and management support in science and technology risk management makes it difficult to promote the work; in terms of risk sources, ecological risk and operational risk have surpassed system risk and management defects, and become the main risk sources faced by Internet enterprises; In terms of regulatory environment and standards, respondents generally reported that there was a lack of relevant guidance and specifications in ecological construction, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and other new technology applications. Therefore, it may be difficult for Internet enterprises to effectively implement risk management measures to prevent new risks brought by industry ecology and new technologies.

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