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In recent years, the Omo model has gradually become the mainstream trend of the education industry. Tal, New Oriental, love learning, squirrel AI and other k12 education field head companies have successively arranged the Omo model. Especially under the influence of COVID-19 in 2020, the traditional offline teaching scene was blocked, and most of the teaching was transferred to online. In this great change, the whole industry presents a trend of scouring the sand. Having the ability of online and offline switching and transformation has become an essential survival skill for educational institutions. With the deepening of the recognition of Omo mode, educational institutions are seeking transformation, and the development of educational Omo has entered the fast lane.

What is educational Omo?

Omo is the abbreviation of online merge offline, which means breaking the line between online and offline to achieve two-way deep integration. Education Omo mode is to improve the teaching experience and teaching effect as the core, through the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies to get through the education link and education data, deeply integrate the online and offline teaching scene, and make the products and services both standardized and personalized.

What is the development status of k12 education Omo?

K12 education company is mainly divided into three parts: marketing, students and products (teaching services). Only when the three aspects meet the deep integration of online and offline at the same time, is the truly mature Omo mode. At present, many educational institutions take the Omo model as the future strategic direction, through different ways to get through the online and offline path. However, from the perspective of the essence of Omo model, it is still in the early stage of development in China, and only a few institutions have established mature Omo model.

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Intelligent adaptation education has become one of the key elements in the development of educational Omo

The application of artificial intelligence technology in k12 education field is deepening, gradually from the educational administration, marketing and other peripheral auxiliary learning links to the teaching, practice and other core teaching links, becoming the booster of the implementation of Omo mode. Among them, in-depth teaching of the core link of intelligent adaptation education has become one of the key elements of the development of educational Omo.

Intelligent adaptive teaching can get through the whole chain data of online and offline two-way teaching scenes, cover the whole life learning cycle, and solve the limitations of online education and offline education through customized personalized learning, thus becoming the best solution of Omo mode.

Omo mode has become the development trend of k12 education, but the future mainstream scene is still offline

COVID-19 accelerates the digitalization process of education industry, and the OMO mode that integrates online and offline is becoming the trend of K12 education development. However, the basic framework of basic education will not be changed by an emergency. At present, online education is generally difficult to make profits, and primary and secondary education institutions are limited by technology and scale. It is difficult to transform online education in a short time, and offline education scene has irreplaceable role and advantages. In recent years, although online education has grown rapidly, it still accounts for a relatively low proportion in the k12 education market. At present, the market is still dominated by offline education, accounting for more than 80%. From the perspective of market structure, this trend will continue, and the mainstream scene of k12 education will still be offline for a certain period of time in the future.

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