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Tiktok Kwai adorable account has an average growth rate of over 2.5% from early 2020 to November. The fastest playback of pet related videos is 700 million. The number of fans in the TOP500 account is over 50% of the 100W level in 100W. The content market related to Mengchong continues to expand.

The role of pets has changed from “home care” to “family members”, and the pet industry has become more diversified.

“Research Report on pet economy in the context of pet content ecology” by Crow Rui takes you into pet content to explore the wonderful relationship between pet content ecology and pet economy that you don’t know

Under the continuous influence of the concept of “scientific pet, high-quality pet”, social platform pet content has gradually become one of the main channels for pet owners to acquire pet knowledge, pet good things and exchange information.

For you “cloud parents”, these adorable contents enrich their entertainment life, become a “panacea” to dispel loneliness and coldness, and even can be called a happy “Fountain” of boring life.

Driven by multiple factors such as rich user groups and complex emotional demands, adorable content is developing rapidly, and the demand and attention of related content are continuously improving.

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