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China Chain Store Association (CCFA) and ncbd jointly launched the report on the retail sale of prepackaged food in brand catering enterprises. It took two months to draft the report. Interviews were conducted with catering enterprises such as bigpizza, Jixiang wonton, Meizhou Dongpo, DongLaiShun, Xiabu Xiabu, Jiahe Yipin, Xiaolongkan and Xiaomian, as well as retail enterprises, FMCG enterprises, capital side, etc. based on the enterprise financial report data, this paper presents the exploration of Chinese brand catering enterprises in prepackaged food from multiple perspectives. The full text of the report is over 30000 words.

In addition to introducing the current situation of catering retailing, the report also discusses the following aspects: applicable types of enterprises? What should catering enterprises do in the retail layout? What pits can’t be stepped on in catering retail? Case sharing of Haidilao, Meizhou Dongpo and other enterprises.

In terms of the current situation of the catering industry, this report is just in time. It not only presents the overall picture of the industry, but also has specific case analysis; it has not only the practice of catering industry, but also the experience of other industries; it has the experience and lessons of first-line enterprises, but also the theory and observation of investment institutions.

From November 19 to 20, “2020 China retail conference” was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of “new starting point of retail under the dual cycle pattern”, the conference will gather industry colleagues to discuss new development mode, look forward to the new development pattern of retail industry, and build a cooperation platform for industrial and ecological development. On the afternoon of the 19th, the full text of the report was officially released at the catering special session (parallel forum 13: chain catering management and Technology Seminar).

At the same time, the 22nd China retail Expo (2020 chinahop) was also held. Participants can learn about the cutting-edge retail technology, facilities and equipment and various solutions in the exchange industry, and negotiate to purchase high-quality goods with landmark features, so as to seek win-win cooperation.

“The wind rises and the clouds are flying”. The wind of catering and retail has come. Let’s face the wind together and ride the wind and waves!

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