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Research Report on technology space of future education From Tencent Research Institute

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2020 is increasingly regarded as a “turning point” in history. Among them, COVID-19 has prompted many industries to accelerate “online”, is one of the key performance. Before that, many traditional industries only used digital technology as an auxiliary means for exploration and experiment, and the degree of digitization was still relatively shallow; After this epidemic, digital technology quickly penetrated into the internal operation of many industries and became a necessary, even core means. As a result, a world of digital and physical integration has become a future that we can imagine and practice.

Among these industries integrated with technology, education has a special position and significance‚Äú As a national strategy, education not only bears the needs of everyone’s growth and self-worth realization, but also bears the responsibility of national talent training and international competitiveness building. During the epidemic period, the exploration of the mode of education and science and technology integration and innovation, which constantly presents positive value and negative controversy, is worth further summarizing and refining after the epidemic prevention and control has entered the normalization stage, and provides an important practical basis for us to think about the future education reform.

In this context, it is of great value to study and summarize the main needs and problems of the integration of education and technology, and to think about the future education as a whole, so as to formulate a reasonable education plan and effectively promote education reform. Therefore, Tencent Research Institute and National Institute of education administration completed the research and writing of “towards better education: Research Report on technology space of future education” in half a year, and officially released it at meet education technology summit in 2021. Taking “technology” as the window of future education observation, the report conducted in-depth interviews with multiple groups in the education system, including front-line teachers, cadres and principals, directors of education, experts and scholars, collected more than 8000 questionnaires, and tried to answer a core question more stereoscopically through the collision of information from different perspectives: “how should technology be integrated into education, To make education better? ” On the whole, the report mainly analyzes and answers from three aspects: ideal goal, realistic contradiction and development space.

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