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Rethink the voice of customers From Forrester

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The customer experience will remain a priority for the enterprise in 2021. Nearly 9 / 10 of customer experience (Cx) decision makers believe that improving CX over the next 12 months is a key (40%) or top (46%) priority.

Eight out of ten respondents made linking insight to action their top priority. However, when these two factors were given priority, 82% of respondents said that their company did not have a fully embedded customer voice (VOC) program.

In fact, in addition to the difficulty of tracing indicators back to the VOC program (32%), the long time to take action on the collected data (28%) and the difficulty of determining the correct indicators (27%), about 24% of respondents also face the challenge that customer feedback is not shared throughout the organization.

As a result, marketers are unable to keep up with competitors (35%), lack sales or growth opportunities (33%), and cannot form strategies based on data and insights (31%).

Investment in technology and data collection

When asked what measures had been taken, 38% of respondents were increasing the customer experience budget; 36% of respondents are establishing a formal customer experience measurement framework. Others are understanding the needs and goals of stakeholders (28%) and unifying data sources to effectively prioritize (28%).

However, most marketers (44%) said that embedding customer insight into the enterprise was a new technology investment. Currently, the technologies most used in CX projects include customer relationship management (56%), customer feedback management (45%), survey focused tools (41%), and social media and reputation management (36%).

Respondents indicated that the data they collected using these technologies included demographic data (71%), website activity (60%), market response (55%) and customer relationship management (49%). Few people collect behavioral data (45%), location data (38%), or purchase transaction data / point of sale data (34%).

In terms of the most valuable functions and capabilities, ease of use (57%) ranked first, followed by rapid production (51%), followed by integration with internal systems (36%).

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