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Review and Prospect of IPO market in mainland China and Hong Kong in the first quarter of 2021 From Deloitte Consulting

The following is the Review and Prospect of IPO market in mainland China and Hong Kong in the first quarter of 2021 From Deloitte Consulting recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Venture capital, Deloitte Consulting , Investment & Economy, research report.

According to the report, the two markets will continue to be active for the rest of 2021, which depends on the abundant liquidity generated by different monetary and economic easing policies in the world to support the negative economic impact caused by the continuous development of the epidemic. But generally speaking, as investors deepen their understanding of new economy business, it is expected that the valuation of such enterprises will tend to a more reasonable level.

The report also points out that, analyzed by the amount of funds raised and new shares issued in the first quarter of 2021, affected by the market’s optimism about the U.S. economic outlook, and driven by the listing of new shares in medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and three super large-scale new shares, NASDAQ has taken the lead in the global new share market. The Hong Kong stock exchange ranked second because of three very large IPOs, followed by the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. Shanghai stock exchange ranked fifth.

The advantages of the pilot registration system of gem are expanding, while the market performance of science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange is stable. As a result, we noticed that the pace of IPO in both markets accelerated this quarter. At the same time, the overall scale of financing decreased.

Although there is a bill to strengthen the supervision of overseas issuers in the U.S. market, the market’s confidence in the recovery of the U.S. economic prospects has rebounded, which has promoted more Chinese enterprises to list in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2021, especially those related to cloud technology and technology services.

The national listing business group maintains its forecast for the Hong Kong new stock market in 2021, which means that about 120 to 130 new stocks will raise more than HK $400 billion in 2021. The forecast is based on the fact that the global monetary easing policy has led to a large number of funds seeking high return investment opportunities in the market through investment funds and investment vehicles, the upsurge of secondary listing of Chinese concept stocks listed in the United States, and the listing support of new economy enterprises including biotechnology companies. A number of ongoing market reforms, such as the listing system reform of overseas listed companies in Hong Kong, and the SPAC listing plan that may be implemented, will make Hong Kong a more attractive listing place.

The report points out that in the remaining three quarters of 2021, it is expected that the science and technology innovation board and Growth Enterprise Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange will lead the growth of the mainland’s new share market. Deloitte forecasts that in 2021, there will be 150-180 IPOs on the science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, raising about 250-300 billion yuan; 140-170 companies will be listed on the gem, raising about 140-170 billion yuan; and 120-150 new shares will be listed on the main boards of Shanghai and Shenzhen, raising 130-170 billion yuan.

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