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Road safety annual report 2020 From OECD

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The annual report on road safety 2020 introduces the latest safety data and information of 42 member countries and observer countries of the Permanent Working Group on road safety of the International Transport Forum, and provides easily accessible comparative data of main road safety indicators.

At the beginning of 2020, the number of road deaths will drop sharply

The report points out that the average speed and the severity of road traffic accidents have increased in some countries. A comprehensive analysis will need to take into account the type and scale of blockade measures and their impact on traffic, driving behaviour and traffic composition.

During the period of the blockade, the number of deaths decreased in all countries, by 80 per cent.

According to preliminary data, road deaths in most countries in 2019 are lower than the average in 2016-2018.

Of the 30 countries, 22 (73%) had decreased data and 8 (27%) had increased data. Compared with the average level in 2016-18, the number of road deaths in countries covered by irtad database decreased by nearly 5% on average. Sweden (- 21.6%) showed the largest decline, followed by South Korea (- 18%) and Switzerland (- 17.4%).

Road deaths increased in Denmark (+ 7.2%), the Netherlands (+ 3.3%) and Belgium (+ 2.9%).

This analysis excludes the smallest countries with low absolute numbers of road deaths, where small changes in absolute numbers lead to large fluctuations in percentages.

In 2018, road deaths in 10 countries reached their lowest levels since the start of systematic records: Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Lithuania and Slovenia.

Road deaths

In all 34 countries, the number of road deaths decreased by an average of 2.5% in 2018 compared to the average of the previous three years. Slovenia (- 22.9%), Ireland (- 16%) and Lithuania (- 15.6%) saw the biggest declines, while Sweden (24.5%), Portugal (15.2%) and New Zealand (10.9%) saw the biggest increases.

In the past eight years from 2010 to 2018, the number of car accident deaths has declined in all countries. Overall, the number of traffic accident deaths in 2018 decreased by 6.9% compared with 2010. In the meantime, progress has slowed down. In about half of the countries, road deaths have not declined significantly since 2010. As the most populous country, the United States has a great influence on data.

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