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Road test report of automatic driving vehicles in Beijing in 2020 From Beijing Smart Car Association

The following is the Road test report of automatic driving vehicles in Beijing in 2020 From Beijing Smart Car Association recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Smart car, research report.

According to the report, Beijing has opened 200 test roads totaling 699.58 km in Haidian District, Shunyi District, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and Fangshan District, issued general road test licenses to 87 vehicles of 14 autonomous driving enterprises, and opened road test mileage of 2213400 km. Among them, 73 vehicles will be tested effectively in 2020; the test mileage will be 1021568 km, carrying more than 15006 social volunteers.

Among them, baidu Apollo will test 55 vehicles in Beijing in 2020, accounting for 75% of Beijing’s total investment in automatic driving test vehicles, and the test mileage will reach 1125300 km, accounting for 96% of Beijing’s total mileage in that year. Among the 55 vehicles, 43 were approved to carry out the third phase of manned test, and 5 were approved to carry out the first phase of unmanned test.

As a representative enterprise of robotaxi scene application in Beijing, baidu launched the second phase of manned test in August 2020, that is, the manned test of automatic driving for the public, and the first phase of unmanned test in December 2020. By the end of December 2020, a total of 15006 people have called Baidu’s self driving vehicles through mobile phones, and more than 90% of the users have indicated that they are willing to continue to use the service in the future.

In addition, five cars of Xiaoma Zhixing have been approved to carry out the first phase of manned test, while Audi, Daimler, Toyota, woya technology and meituan are also continuing to explore open road test. Meituan, as the representative enterprise of Beijing’s unmanned distribution and retail, will build a landing meishop AI smart store in 2020, and realize the whole process intelligent service from ordering, sorting, shipping, distribution to delivery with the mode of “unmanned warehouse” + “unmanned car”. Since the beginning of September 2020, meituan has opened the country’s first normal operation of unmanned distribution store in Beijing intelligent network connected vehicle demonstration operation zone (Shougang Park). At present, more than 1000 orders have been sold, and each order can be delivered within 15 minutes on average.

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