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Robot report for the fourth quarter of 2020 From Backend

The following is the Robot report for the fourth quarter of 2020 From Backend recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Industry 4.0, Investment & Economy, research report.

Backendbenchmarking released the “robot report for the fourth quarter of 2020”, with the main insights as follows:

Sigfig keeps the best robot ranking, followed by Sofi and fidelity go

Driven by powerful performance, available real-time consultants, low cost and powerful digital platform, sigfig won the “best overall robot ranking” for the second time in a row. In terms of performance, Sofi ranked second, while fidelity go ranked third in the best overall robot ranking.

Titan ended a strong year, with sigfig performing best for five consecutive years

In the fourth quarter, Titan’s return was 15.89%, with a total return of 44.42% in 2020.

Titan’s established strategy is to bring extraordinary returns to ordinary investors in a way similar to hedge funds. So far, it’s being delivered. The portfolio is an all stock portfolio. As a reference, the average stock return of the S & P 500 index in 2020 is 18.39%, while the average robot return is 14.90%.

SRI is doing well

Social responsibility investment (SRI) continued to perform well. This bodes well for emerging industries. Based on stock performance alone, in the past two years, 7 / 8 of the Sri options are better than the standard options of the same supplier, despite the higher fund fees. When a Sri portfolio compares its stock performance, it even surpasses the standard portfolio by more than 7% per year.

Review and Prospect of digital consulting industry

The integration of financial services industry and financial technology industry is not new, but from the perspective of M & A and acquisition, 2020 is a sensational year. Motif, the pioneer, closed the door, selling technology to Schwab and customers to folio. Empower purchased personal capital. Schwab acquired TD Ameritrade and Morgan Stanley purchased e * trade.

The cooperation between Wal Mart and Rabbi capital brings many possibilities for new customers.

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