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According to a TOPO report, although not all companies are using CRM, CRM is ubiquitous when it comes to high growth companies. The use of marketing technology often reflects the use of marketing technology.

In fact, both sales and marketing teams have established a data-driven approach, and most sales respondents also use contact data technology (82%) and account data (78%). Another 7 / 10 respondents (73%) used the sales participation platform.

Less commonly used technologies include chat and messaging (61%), forecasting and channel management (52%), and sales automation (50%), although these are still classified as widely used leading technologies. One fifth of the respondents (19%) used sales planning technology, while the least used incentive management (18%).

In these areas, less frequently used tools are often one of the most successful. Respondents were most satisfied with conversational intelligence (83%) and thought it had great influence (73%), but only 4 / 10 respondents (43%) used it.

On the other hand, although the account data ranked third among respondents, the impact (54%) and satisfaction (63%) scores were relatively low.

However, some correlations can be found. For example, incentive management is the worst performing and least commonly used tool in terms of impact (47%) and satisfaction (47%).

It is expected that in the next 12 months, about 70% of the sales teams will increase their sales technology expenditure to a certain extent. Half of the respondents (49%) expect a substantial increase (between 11% and 21%) and a fifth (21%) expect it to increase by 1% to 10%. Only a quarter of the respondents (24%) expect their sales technology spending to remain the same and 6% expect to decrease.

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