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According to the latest report issued by the world economic forum, we need more large-scale enterprises to become circular pioneers, who will accelerate the transformation of circular economy.

The year 2020 was originally the beginning of “ten year action” for the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, but the new crown pandemic and its health crisis and economic burden have further slowed down or even reversed the progress. The forecast shows that in 2020, the epidemic will cause 88 million people to fall into extreme poverty, which will be the first increase in the number of poor people in the world since 1998.

As economies emerge from the immediate crisis, many stakeholders are emphasizing the need to redouble efforts to better rebuild, with environmental protection, climate change and social equity as top priorities. This has inspired leaders to think more seriously about the benefits of redesigning the economy, including accelerating the transition of the circular economy from the current “take build treat” mode of production and consumption to more regenerative modes. A more circular economy can extract additional value from resources already used, reduce environmental degradation, and provide an estimated $4.5 trillion of market opportunities between 2018 and 2030.

Building a circular economy requires innovative solutions to change the industry through new materials, new energy and new raw materials, as well as new business models, design, logistics and recycling solutions. However, it is not enough for a single new company to bring innovative circular solutions. Scale enterprises need to take concerted action to change the way of operation of the industry in order to accelerate the circular transformation. Cycle pioneers are responding to this call, they are young pioneer companies, not only to develop their own business, but also to expand the opportunities of cycle solutions.

Circular transition requires change within and throughout our economy. Before the market is fully prepared, cycle pioneers often shape the market of cycle solutions ahead of time. This report explores their strategies in reshaping policy and market conditions, attracting new and emerging consumer groups, and creating significant opportunities for investors, innovation promoters, and businesses.

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