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Mobile operators are now decisively moving towards 5g transformation

Like the previous generation of mobile networks, 5g will be a long journey rather than an emergency. However, operators around the world are rapidly moving towards implementation. Two thirds of mobile operators said they would implement their first commercial network within 18 months, and another 21% said they would commercialize it within two years. Two thirds of respondents said that these initial networks would run before the final 5g standard. Only 21% of operators are still in the planning stage, and 4% of operators have not started planning. Therefore, 5g now plays an important role in the current technical decision-making of operators. About 96% of the respondents said that 5g was the consideration of current technology decision-making, and 3 / 4 of the respondents said that 5g “very” or “frequently” influenced their technology decision-making.

Towards the smart world – evaluate the benefits and use cases of 5g

To realize the potential of comprehensive 5g mobile network, operators will need to make a lot of investment, and the return of this expenditure is crucial for the telecommunications industry. Of course, 5g’s business case goes far beyond the faster data transmission and download speed of smartphone users. Driven by IOT and AI technology, new industrial and public infrastructure use cases are an important part of 5g scenarios. If operators want to achieve a satisfactory return on investment, they must do so.

Indeed, operators have found great opportunities to increase revenue and innovate business models. When asked about the biggest benefit of 5g, about 2 / 3 think it is the overall growth of the mobile market. Second in the list of top revenue was better customer service and satisfaction (59%), followed by the creation of a new business model to support 5g (43%). Fourth is the use of 5g deployment to gain a competitive advantage for new customers.

New use cases don’t happen overnight. Most operators (78%) focus on enhanced mobile broadband (embB), which means faster and better mobile connectivity. However, a large number of operators (44%) also focus on large-scale machine communication (mmtc), that is, machine centric communication connection.

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