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Semiconductor Industry Report of the United States in 2020 From American Semiconductor Association

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The semiconductor association of the United States released the “report on the semiconductor industry in the United States in 2020”. Today’s semiconductor industry is a symbol of the strength of science and technology in the United States.

For decades, American companies have led the world in producing these microchips that power modern technology. The leading position of the United States in the semiconductor field is an important reason why it has the largest economy and the most advanced technology in the world.

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in early 2020, semiconductor technology has been deployed to find treatment and care for patients, work and study at home, order groceries and other basic products, and support countless other systems in modern society. This reminds people of the importance of semiconductors in dealing with the most urgent challenges and crises in the world.

In the future, the U.S. semiconductor industry will continue to maintain its global leading position in semiconductor technology, including advanced wireless networks such as artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing and 5g. Despite the negative year-on-year growth in global sales in 2019, the US semiconductor industry has maintained its leading position in global market share and maintained a very high level of investment in R & D and capex.

These industry investments support the leading position of the United States in semiconductor innovation. American company is the leader of 5g technology, and has developed almost all advanced chips related to artificial intelligence and big data. And these chips power everything from supercomputers to Internet data centers.

However, the US chip industry is facing a series of challenges. The novel coronavirus pneumonia overturned the global economy and disrupted the global supply chain, creating major uncertainties in the recent market. The innovation cost of semiconductor manufacturing and design is rising, especially for the leading semiconductor manufacturing and design. Moreover, while the United States remains a global leader in semiconductor design and R & D, the largest share of chip manufacturing now comes from Asia. In addition, the US semiconductor industry is heavily dependent on global supply chains and overseas markets.

In general, although the United States continues to lead the global chip industry, there are many challenges to maintain this leading position.

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