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Sharing data and promoting public trust and willingness to report From Good data

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Data is not only a “primary” asset that has value for organizations that collect and use data for specific purposes, but also a “secondary” asset that creates additional value through wider circulation“ “Good data” comes from the way data is processed: taking into account privacy, fairness, social justice, ethics and legal compliance. Through the correct processing of data, data users can obtain the trust of the public, individuals and data subjects, so as to improve people’s willingness to provide data. This white paper proposes two frameworks as tools for accelerating innovation while building trust: trust and willingness framework and good data framework. The first framework aims to build public trust in data reuse; The second framework promotes ethical considerations in data processing.

The key of “good data” is how to deal with data

COVID-19 reveals the social differences and delays in Digitalization in many countries, highlighting the great gap between the current fourth industries and the ideal industrial vulnerable groups. The 2021 annual meeting of the world economic forum and its theme “the Renaissance of the world” advocate laying the foundation of economic and social systems for a just, sustainable and resilient future. What we need, for example, is not a choice between public health and the economy, but a new social contract that protects human life, dignity and social justice while ensuring sustainability.

Data can be a powerful tool in this work. How to promote the secondary use of this kind of data safely has become a major topic of discussion all over the world.

However, challenges related to the reuse of data remain. Some of them involve data governance systems and how they deal with all aspects of data processing, such as ethical, legal and social impact, and responsible research and innovation. These problems show that the key to “good data” lies in how to deal with data: Considering privacy, fairness, social justice and ethics, let alone legal compliance. By properly handling data, data users can gain the trust of the public, individuals and data subjects, and improve people’s willingness to provide data.

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