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Singapore National Health Report 2021 From Wunderman Thompson.

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Health is now everyone’s top priority. Singaporeans exercise more, eat better and feel healthier. But they also face greater mental pressure in work and economy. Couples are more likely to quarrel, especially those with children. Almost everyone spends more time in front of the screen.

1. Singapore’s total national health score is 6.1 (calculated on a 10 point scale), indicating that there is still much room for improvement

Although physical health and interpersonal relationship scores were moderate, healthy behavior, financial health and mental health reduced the total score to 6.1. This figure is the highest among educated and high-income people, but the lowest among women and the unemployed.

2. Motivation is not realistic

66% of the respondents are more keen on keeping healthy, 72% of Singaporeans think their physical health is “very” important. They take more exercise and eat healthier food at home, but 61% of the respondents are sedentary; 73% of Singaporeans spend more time in front of the screen; 46% work longer hours, causing stress and anxiety.

3. Mental health is a brewing problem

Nearly a quarter of Singaporeans are anxious and depressed, mainly due to economic and work pressure; 25% of Singaporeans have considered suicide at least once in the past year, and this figure has risen sharply among the unemployed.

4. Mental health is still a stigmatized topic

68% of the respondents believe that there is a stigmatization trend towards mental health problems in Singapore, and more than 65% will not talk about this topic with their families even when they have problems. However, poor mental health will lead to real social problems, such as low work efficiency, bad health habits, belligerence and even violence.

5. The relationship was affected by the new crown

49% of respondents believe that family pressure has increased in the past year, affecting the relationship between parents, children and spouses. 21% of Singaporeans said these relationships were more stressful.

6. Health satisfaction exposes inequality within society

If you are a man with an income of more than $75000, a graduate degree and a job, your satisfaction with physical and mental health will be greatly improved. On the contrary, those Singaporeans who are unemployed and have lower incomes are less likely to make proactive health decisions, and women are also more likely than men to feel unhealthy and show more unhealthy behaviors, such as eating inferior food and not exercising.

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