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Six trend reports to shape 2050 From Roland Berger.

The following is the Six trend reports to shape 2050 From Roland Berger. recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: artificial intelligence, Investment & Economy, research report.

The Roland Berger trend outline analyzes six major trends that will affect the world from now to 2050. They cover economic factors as well as social, environmental, technological and geopolitical changes. An understanding of these trends helps to develop sustainable solutions to future challenges and opportunities.

Trend 1: people and society

Population immigration values education

People and society are the core of the world. By 2050, there will be 1.9 billion new people on the planet, with a total of 9.7 billion. Our society will become older, and there will be nearly 3.2 million centenarians by 2050, but there are huge regional differences in the dependency ratio of the elderly. India will be the most populous country, replacing China in 2027.

On the positive side, extending education time has become a global norm. From the positive correlation of per capita GDP / education level curve, it is also meaningful to extend the education time.

Trend 2: health and care

Pandemics and other diseases and treatments care

Health is not limited to epidemics: policymakers and health professionals must work together to find solutions to the myriad health challenges and growing care needs of the present and future.

Trend 3: environment and resources

Climate change and pollution resources and raw materials ecosystems are at risk

Global efforts to mitigate climate change must be intensified; water, food and raw materials will face key problems in the future. Biodiversity investment is insufficient. Climate change and pollution. The global community must step up efforts to mitigate climate change by 2050. This requires rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society.

The ecosystem is in danger. Globally, we have lost one-third of our terrestrial species; to stop this trend, we have to provide more funding for biodiversity and ecosystems at risk annually, estimated at 1% of global GDP.

Big trend 4: economy and business

Rethinking globalization power transfer industry transformation debt challenge

The global value chain is being revised. A new power group is emerging, and the process of industry transformation is advancing. The pandemic exacerbated the global debt burden.

Trend 5: technology and innovation

The value of technology artificial intelligence man and machine

Technology investment and innovation capability remain key. The development of artificial intelligence is expected to bring great potential and application, and its attention to human value must become the central focus.

Trend 6: Politics and Governance

The future of democracy governance and geopolitics global risk

The decline of democratic characteristics accelerates, the trend of autocracy and the rise of democratic fatigue pose challenges to global governance in the future.

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