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With the development of emerging technologies represented by artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and cloud computing, the financial industry has gone through the development process of electronization and mobility, and will enter a new stage of the combination of Finance and technology intelligent finance. Around the concept of “user centered”, intelligent finance will provide more rich, convenient and personalized services. This is no longer a partial upgrade to the financial industry, but a re imagination and reconstruction of financial services.

Compared with the mature and stable financial systems in Europe and the United States, China’s financial industry has a late start, and there is still a broad space. The service of the existing people also needs to be upgraded, which includes not only the innovation ability of product design, but also the access and service ability of customers. In recent years, the rapid development of digital transformation in China has attracted worldwide attention. The market scale and penetration rate of China’s mobile payment have reached the world’s leading level; the transformation of Chinese residents’ consumption concept and consumption mode has promoted the third upsurge of consumption upgrading, especially in the field of Internet; domestic traditional financial institutions and Internet giants have arranged intelligent finance one after another, and major banks have launched intelligent investment advisers; the influence of capital market on financial technology has been strengthened More and more innovative enterprises are favored, and the construction of digital capability has received unprecedented attention in the whole industry. We can see that the future of financial innovation has come, and all parties are looking forward to working together.

In this context, baidu finance and Accenture work hand in hand to interview more than 100 industry and technical experts, combine the practical results of Baidu Intelligent Finance and Accenture’s leading experience in the international financial industry, and jointly write this report.

AI: refine the concept and characteristics of intelligent finance; put forward four standards to measure Intelligent Finance: anytime, anywhere, with people and on demand; imagine the reconstruction of Intelligent Finance in four aspects: customer connection, risk management, service side AI and infrastructure.

Advance: to outline the more subdivided and professional situation of financial ecology; to interpret the positioning transformation and role transformation of market participants; to describe the more extensive and deep cooperation relationship among various participants.

Wisdom is in technology and application. “Smart in technology” clarifies the ABCD “four technologies” that smart finance relies on, including a (ARTI ⁃ fi ⁃ cial Intelligence), B (blockchain), C (Cloud Computing) and D (big data); and “smart in application” deeply interprets the leading smart wins of new technologies in payment, credit, financial management, capital and insurance one by one Domain application scenarios, showing the “technology” and “tool” of intelligent finance.

The future part: it puts forward the new kinetic energy, new breakthroughs and new forms that intelligent finance will provide for the future business development; it looks forward to the challenges that the current market participants, including technology companies, financial institutions and regulatory departments, will face, and analyzes from the aspects of technology security, industry regulation, ecological cooperation and social responsibility, and puts forward 12 suggestions.

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