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Social media integrated marketing 4.0 From Wechat easy

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What is grass 4.0?

Three years ago, when I played microblog, I sent out a microblog, and the material we saw was the same. This is called the grass planting mode of thousands of people at the same time, which is grass planting 1.0. Two or three years ago, wechat and microblog were integrated. In different scenes, different media saw different materials and contents. This is called “thousands of people, thousands of faces”. It’s grass 2.0. In the short video era, it became a thousand faces. Maybe tiktok saw a brand in a funny way. It turned to be a test. The B station might be a game or two time scenario, which is 3 of grass planting.

And 4.0 is to achieve the integration of quality and efficiency on the basis of one person and one thousand noodles. Affected by the epidemic, the offline channels of the cosmetics industry are greatly affected, and everyone is moving to the online. Many new brands are rising through the mode of live broadcast or social e-commerce, and everyone is looking for transformation. This transformation focuses on the integration of product and effect, and makes its own subdivision category, so grass 4.0 is a combination of one person and one effect.

How to play grass 4.0? Let’s talk about it from the perspective of e-commerce “people and goods yard”.

“Goods” is the name of commodity polishing and anchor point; “people” is the object of grass planting and how we should choose the KOL to grow grass; “field” is what kind of scene and what platform to choose.

At present, the most popular grass planting products and their market share are food and beverage, clothing, shoes and personal care

1. There are a lot of products and a lot of categories.

2. Fast, belongs to fast consumer goods, purchase decisions fast.

3. Good, high appearance, good effect, good ingredients, good theme, selling point can catch the eyes of consumers.

4. It’s easy for consumers to be interested in goods with less than 200 yuan. Faced with particularly expensive things, consumers have a long time to make decisions in live or social e-commerce, and the time required varies according to the characteristics of the products.

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