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Special analysis report on the integration of research and transportation of Chinese game companies in 2020 From Yiguan

The following is the Special analysis report on the integration of research and transportation of Chinese game companies in 2020 From Yiguan recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Yiguan, research report, network game.

According to the report, as China’s game industry enters the stock stage, the characteristics of the strong will continue to strengthen. The product R & D control ability, distribution and operation benefit acquisition ability of the R & D integrated business model will become the necessary ability to maintain the sustainable development ability of the team and the company in the market competition. At the same time, the report comprehensively combs and summarizes the enterprise cases of research and transportation integration, such as China mobile travel, Sanqi mutual entertainment, heartbeat network, etc.

According to the report data, in 2020, the growth rate of China’s online game market scale hit a new high in the past three years, and the revenue scale reached 324.17 billion yuan, an increase of 20.2%. However, due to the high base and the return of the market to normal and other reasons, it is expected that the growth rate in 2021 will decline greatly.

But the adjustment is not limited to the revenue growth itself. At present, China’s game industry is also adjusting and upgrading itself to adapt to the next stage of competition. Specific to the enterprise itself, that is, due to the reduction of new users in the overall market, game companies must adjust their development direction from traffic driven to product driven, so as to promote the upgrading of products, users, production capacity and other aspects.

If that’s a little hard to understand, in other words, game companies need to cultivate their internal skills around products. That is, the comprehensive strength of its own R & D, distribution and operation.

Integration of research and operation

The integration of research and operation means that the game company has the whole process business capabilities of R & D, distribution and operation, and the three capabilities need to have both collaborative development, in order to fully dominate the development direction of game products and market performance, and have the business foundation to participate in the mainstream market competition.

Among them, R & D capability is the core foundation of the game company’s comprehensive strength, which determines the attractiveness of products, including product project approval, planning and development, version iteration, etc. Distribution ability is the direct market competitiveness of game companies, which determines the successful launch of products, including channel optimization, marketing preheating and channel operation and maintenance. Operation ability is the core ability to maintain the long-term performance and product benefits of game companies, such as data analysis, game activity operation, IP and user operation, which belong to the operation category.

Nowadays, the research and operation process of online games in China has been fully mature, and has been developing in the direction of specialization and refinement. Any process and link may have an important impact on the quality of game products, user ecology and even the development of the company. The most effective way is to control the closed-loop ecology of the whole game in your own hands, so as to form a systematic force.

Market resources begin to gather, and single R & D companies continue to integrate into the business ecosystem built by leading game companies, and become an important part of their research and operation integrated architecture. The giants who are good at single business ability begin to constantly find out and make up for the shortcomings of the original business, otherwise they will be difficult to participate in the mainstream market competition.

For example, cardio network, which is famous for taptap platform, has not only built its own taptap platform channel value, but also released many kinds of games such as fairyland legend m and sausage party. At the same time, it has more than 10 games in research, and has invested in emerging R & D teams such as magic blade. In terms of operation, the heart network is mainly based on game research and platform operation, with a self built user operation data analysis platform, but it has not yet formed a business or ecology.

China Mobile Games, which is good at IP games, has a relatively large proportion of distribution business. It has a long-term card “the road of the maritime king” and a legendary RPG game represented by “thunder”. After keenly aware of the industry trend of research and transportation integration, we continue to consolidate our R & D strength. Become Beijing soft star holding company, 100% merger and acquisition of Beijing context interaction, and invest in Yifan interaction, Yuefu mutual entertainment and Huanyu Jiuzhou team in 2020. The report points out that although the direct R & D expense rate of China Mobile Games is relatively low, it will still increase by 20% in the first half of 2020.

In terms of operation, China mobile game has rich experience in game distribution and operation, and has more originality in product and user behavior data analysis. Now, the focus of operation is gradually shifting to IP operation, focusing on the development of various formats such as film and television, derivatives, culture and tourism, and game authorization, etc. with the increasingly close combination of games and cultural creation, this business prospect is full of potential.

From the above cases, it can be seen that the enterprises implementing the integrated research and transportation mode have almost the same attitude towards R & D resources. Whether they build their own teams or invest, they are enriching their product strength through multiple channels. This phenomenon can be understood mainly because of the consideration of “having food in hand and not panicking in heart”. However, in terms of distribution and operation, all enterprises give full play to their existing advantages, and make unique moves in distribution and operation. This is true of the operation of the exciting taptap platform, and the expansion of IP game authorization of China Mobile Games.

Recently, the integration mode of R & D and transportation is the precursor of enterprise ecology and even platform. At this stage, game enterprises need to consolidate their own internal strength through the integration of R & D and transportation, and participate in competition through a stronger system strength. However, after long-term development, enterprises will inevitably develop towards platform. After all, it has its own ecology, supplemented by some auxiliary functions such as payment, customer service and so on, it is already a fully functional game platform. The competition of the game industry in the future may evolve into a comprehensive confrontation between platforms.

IP combined with content has great potential

Whether it is the platform in the future or the integration of research and operation at the present stage, the role of IP can not be ignored. Even if it is based on the platform operation, it also needs to rely on the adaptation of mobile games from IP authorization, self-developed product IP or the IP of creative products owned by joint-stock companies, so as to enrich the content attraction of the platform. At the same time, the report points out that Sanqi mutual entertainment has also maintained cooperation with a large number of IP providers. Through investment, it has built a cultural and entertainment ecology covering comics, movies, media, games, etc., which shows the importance of IP.

As a game enterprise, in addition to the mode selection of research and transportation integration and platform, it has always been clear that the basic role of content, and the current IP has been closely linked with content. On the one hand, by acquiring IP adapted games, adapted movies and adapted animations, game enterprises derive various IP contents, and then further authorize them through operation to realize IP value-added. On the other hand, it achieves accurate user acquisition through IP attributes, and realizes long-term private domain traffic operation, which is equivalent to long-term purchase volume. The effective operation of these modes has laid the core position of IP in the research and operation integrated ecosystem.

Heart and Panax notoginseng are still like this. Taking IP game as the mobile game of enterprise strategy is to understand the great value of IP game. To this end, China mobile game has made a lot of efforts in R & D and distribution.

The report points out that China Mobile Games is the second largest IP reserve Chinese game company after Tencent games. As of the first half of 2020, it has 39 authorized IP and 68 own IP. In 2020, the company will release IP games represented by “new archery heroes’ Legend of iron and blood Danxin”, and cooperate with Tencent game, byte beat and other IP products to maximize the distribution strength of existing IP games.

While holding the cultural interaction between Xianjian Series team Beijing soft star and well-known legend team, zhongshouyou has participated in more than 20 excellent teams to build a production system composed of Yao Zhuangxian, Zhang Xiaoquan, Cheng Liangqi and other gold medal producers. With more than 100 + IP reserve matrix, what kind of chemical reaction can be formed in it is expected.

In addition, around Xianjian, Xuanyuanjian and other own IP, China Mobile Games has carried out the development and cooperation of the whole industry chain, involved in IP brand authorization, surrounding retail, offline real entertainment and other fields, especially in 2020, which coincides with the 25th anniversary of Xianjian. The development of its series of activities has promoted the development of China Mobile Games in related businesses.

From R & D content, to online distribution, and then to business operation around IP, this is the main development direction for game companies to upgrade their business system on the basis of insisting on good products. The results of its development are ultimately fed back to the intangible brands represented by IP, forming the influence of IP. Having IP influence will help game companies upgrade to comprehensive cultural entertainment companies with broader social and industrial influence, so that game companies can better shoulder the cultural mission and create social value.

Of course, upgrading to a cultural entertainment company is not the only choice for game companies. But at this stage, a mature research and operation integrated business system is really needed, and IP brand with high added value and multi form derivative content are indispensable. These are the solid foundation and driving force for building IP influence, which requires game companies to have the ability to continuously develop and optimize high-quality products, and have excellent user and IP operation ability on the basis of good products.

In 2020, influenced by COVID-19, the development level of global digital entertainment industry is much higher than previously expected. According to the report, the penetration rate of digital entertainment will reach 61.7%, three years faster than previously expected. This provides a huge opportunity for game companies with leading digital capabilities to lead the development of cultural industry in the future. The business system of R & D integration and the digital capability of IP as the carrier are the two most powerful hands to seize this opportunity.

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