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By the end of June 2020, the scale of China’s government guidance funds has exceeded 2.1 trillion yuan, and the total scale of master and sub fund groups is expected to be 9.4 trillion yuan after enlargement. In 2019, the overall number and scale growth of guidance funds will significantly slow down. According to the “notice on strengthening the management of government investment funds and improving the efficiency of financial investment” issued by the Ministry of finance at the beginning of the year, it is clear that the budget constraints on the establishment of funds or capital injection will be strengthened to improve the efficiency of financial contributions and promote the orderly operation of funds. The above policies and data indicate that the development of China’s government guided funds will enter a new stage of stock optimization.

Based on the summary and analysis of the overall data of government guided funds, the “special research report on government guided funds in 2020” released by China Investment Research Institute this year will select 11 government guided funds with revised management measures from 2018 to 2020 as the research objects. By comparing the main revision contents and adjustment directions of the management methods one by one, summarize the commonness, explore differences and dialysis trends We hope that it can provide reference and reference for guiding the future development of the fund.

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