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Survey report on global welfare attitude in 2020 From WillisTowers

The following is the Survey report on global welfare attitude in 2020 From WillisTowers recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Consumer research, Life data, research report.

Employees are seeking more job flexibility, higher happiness and higher retirement security.

Change working mode

The proportion of employees who work from home most or all of the time has more than doubled, from 14% before the pandemic to 31% now.

Nowadays, many employees working from home hope to have a more flexible and mixed on-site / at home working environment in the future. In fact, more than a third of employees (38%) want that.

The new crown pandemic has brought losses to people’s mood and social welfare

47% of the millennials and 65% of the Z generation reported poor mental health, and 42% and 47% of the millennials and Z generation reported low and medium level of social well-being. In 2020, slightly more than 1 / 3 of the employees (34%) are connected with the society; 41% of the employees are emotionally balanced, which is 7% and 5% lower than that in 2019, respectively.

The investigation revealed several highlights in the tragedy of the pandemic. Although 44% of employees delayed medical treatment, mainly due to new crown and money problems, more employees said that their health status was improved (22%) rather than worse (15%). More than 40% of low-income employees said they got the care they needed when using virtual care.

29% of the respondents said their mental / emotional health deteriorated due to the new crown pandemic.

The pandemic has led to a surge in the number of employees using virtual health care

Although nearly half of the employees (46%) had mood changes during the new crown pandemic, the overall proportion remained stable. 36% of the employees with better financial position report that they are taking on more and more debt, and a quarter of the employees’ expenses are decreasing.

Mental health and insanity improved during the pandemic

22% of employees’ financial situation has improved. 31% of this group are low-income people, and 41% have increased their working hours due to the epidemic.

More than two-thirds of employees have improved their financial situation but are still working hard. Nine out of 10 reported high levels of stress and anxiety, 40% higher than those whose working hours had not changed.

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