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Sustainable last mile From Accenture Report

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Accenture’s survey found that using local microservice centers (MFCs) in Chicago, London and Sydney to fulfill half of E-Commerce orders in these cities could significantly reduce traffic flow and harmful air emissions. By 2025, the last mile supply chain using MFC could reduce emissions related to delivery trucks by 16% %- twenty-six %。

MFC is a flexible e-commerce logistics solution, which can store inventory in a convenient suburban location closer to customers, enhance the supply chain process, speed up the last mile of delivery, and be able to pick up the goods in person. MFC includes in store click and collection points, automatic locker storage facilities and independent micro warehouse facilities.

The research shows that the use of multi-functional financial services to achieve the same day or next day delivery brings operational benefits to retailers, postal and logistics organizations, and has a positive impact on the environment and society.

Of the three cities surveyed in the study, London benefited the most in the last kilometer, with a 13% reduction in traffic % , equivalent to about 3% reduction in delivery trucks . 200 million miles in operation (5 . 200 million km). Chicago could also reduce traffic by 13% % , mileage reduced by 1 . 2.7 billion miles (2 . 0.5 billion km). Sydney’s forecast traffic will decrease by 2 % 16 million miles (27 million kilometers).

MFC can also reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO 2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM10) produced by transportation vehicles. The largest carbon dioxide emission reduction in London is 144000 tons, followed by Chicago (68000 tons) and Sydney (52000 tons).

It is also found that the deployment of route optimization technology beside the multi-function center can reduce the distribution flow of the three cities by another 3 % To 4 %。 London (87 million miles, about 1 . 400 million km), followed by Chicago (38 million miles, 61 million km) and Sydney (34 million miles, 54 million km).

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