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Talent outlook report 2021 From Universe

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Universum released the “talent outlook for 2021” report, which analyzes the latest talent data and trend forecast for 2021.

1. Economic Outlook: current signs indicate that the economy will rebound in 2021

Despite the turmoil of the past 12 months, most companies have reason to hope for 2021. According to McKinsey’s global economic outlook, only 20% of respondents expect the global economy to continue to deteriorate in the next six months, and more than half (61%) believe it will improve.

One third of the world’s top executives are expected to expand their staff in the next six months. Brazil’s human resource recruitment growth rate is as high as 15%, and most other countries’ human resources will also show positive growth.

2. Remote working: it can continue to be used, but it needs to be redesigned after the new crown

The new crown pandemic has forced a large number of workers to set up offices at home. Many employers find that the new home office mode is feasible, and even more desirable in some cases. Universum’s survey found that the number of people who thought telecommuting was “infinitely possible” nearly tripled. Those who said it was impossible to work remotely dropped from 29% before the new crown to 1% after it.

3. Virtual recruitment: a way to authorize more diversified recruitment

By the end of 2020, a quarter of companies will increase internship and graduate programs, and few companies (17%) plan to reduce recruitment.

Understand the uniqueness of this moment. More than half of HR Directors (65%) said they were taking other measures due to the lack of face-to-face meetings.

4. Emphasis on skills and punctuality

A Gartner survey found that the top priority of human resource managers is to develop key skills and abilities, which is 40% higher than the score of “employee experience”.

5. Talent insecurity: how does new crown reshape our demand for work

Due to the existence of the new crown, the confidence of millennials and generation Z in their financial situation has declined. Consumer confidence in the future rose again after a sharp decline last year.

6. What does recent research tell us?

A variety of economic and market signals show hope.

The employer brand remains a critical capability.

Teleworking is now common.

Virtual recruitment has become a standard practice.

The demand for labor is on the rise.

Young people are looking for a “sense of security” and for companies facing the future.

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