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Technical content marketing report 2021 From Content Marketing Association

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The Content Marketing Association released the “2021 technical content marketing report”. Research shows that technical marketers have become more concerned about using content marketing to generate demand and potential customers in the throes of adapting to the business changes brought about by the global new crown pandemic. They also pay closer attention to transformation and qualified prospect (MQL) metrics, as well as tracking the performance of their content.

The use of virtual activities by technology Marketers (83%) increased by 9 percentage points compared with the previous year, because the establishment of virtual relationship is dominant. In addition, live video has finally become popular, with one third of respondents already using it.

As a result of the new crown pandemic, technical marketers quickly made changes

Most respondents said that when the new crown pandemic hit, their businesses quickly changed. There are two big changes in content marketing: changing the goal / information strategy (71%) and adjusting the editing schedule (66%).

84% of respondents hope that some of the changes they have made will remain valid for the foreseeable future.

More technical marketers are using virtual events and live broadcasts

The proportion of technical marketers using virtual activities / webinars / online courses increased from 74% in the previous year to 83%. The adoption rate of live broadcast has increased from 13% to 33%. Marketers in large companies are more likely to use live broadcasting (53% vs 33%).

Pay closer attention to transformed and qualified prospects (MQL)

“Conversion rate” has risen to the top of the list of content marketing indicators, and the adoption rate has increased from 81% last year to 90%. In addition, the proportion of marketers using MQL as a measure increased from 64% to 77%, while the proportion of marketers using social media analysis decreased from 85% to 75%.

More companies successfully use content marketing to generate demand / potential customers

86% of respondents said they had successfully used content marketing to generate demand / potential customers in the past 12 months, up from 79% last year.

Investment in website change and content creation in 2021

Respondents expect that website optimization (67%) and content creation (66%) will be the main areas of the company’s content marketing investment in 2021.

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