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Technical white paper of 5g6g in 2021 From Lenovo Research Institute

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2019 is regarded as the first year of commercialization of 5g independent Networking (NSA), and 2020 marks the beginning of commercialization of 5g independent Networking (SA). With the development of large-scale commercial deployment, 5g communication infrastructure characterized by ultra wideband and low latency is promoting the gradual digital transformation of qianhang Baiye. In this process, mobile communication is not only expected to provide various conveniences for the development of human society, but also subtly change the way of human life, work and social life by supporting the ever-changing innovative applications. In the next decade, this trend of technological and economic development will be further deepened. The purpose of this white paper is to review the evolution of mobile communication technology, summarize the key technologies of 5g communication and standardization as well as the status of business applications, and look forward to the future development trend of mobile communication technology. It is expected to provide some valuable references for this field, and pave the way for the industry to build a stronger 6G mobile communication system.

First of all, this white paper reviews the development history of mobile communication technology in recent 40 years through technical standards and core business. Based on the milestone of 5g technology development, main design objectives, supported spectrum range and network deployment mode, this paper preliminarily shows the overview of 5g. 5g technology was officially renamed as 5g new radio in 2016. Based on the three scenarios defined by ITU (enhanced mobile broadband embB, Dalian connection to mmtc and ultra-low delay and high reliability urllc), 5g NR spectrum allocation was carried out in the global and regional scope, and 3GPP was implemented It is the result of the joint efforts of hundreds of Companies in the global communication industry chain.

Then, this white paper discusses the 5g scenario requirements and 3GPP 5g key technologies in detail, trying to clarify the business, technical characteristics and underlying design logic of 5g. In order to effectively support the rich performance indicators covered by the above three typical scenarios, 5g key technologies are huge, complex and fine. In this white paper, the protocol is divided into three main aspects: the basic technology is the cornerstone of 5g technology system, focusing on the key technologies of 5g physical layer, such as waveform design, frame structure design, large-scale antenna design, and user mobility management; the key technologies of network layer focus on 5g It also lists some important innovations of Internet of things, such as low-level communication technology, high-level communication system, and high-level communication system. At the same time, we showed Lenovo’s positive contribution and fruitful results in 5g technology and standardization activities.

Market development is the most direct verification of technology and standards. Through the analysis, it can be seen that 5g mobile communication system deployment and user popularity are faster than any previous generation of mobile communication system. Another unique feature of 5g is that it extends the scope of service objects from “people” to “things” by supporting vertical industries, thus playing a crucial role in realizing industry 4.0 and promoting the sustainable development of social productivity. Lenovo foresees that 5g will have a far-reaching impact on ICT. In its strategic investment in 5g technology field, Lenovo not only starts to lay out the basic accumulation in the field of technical standards, but also attaches importance to the R & D and implementation of key technologies. Whether it’s terminal devices (laptops, smart phones, AR glasses, etc.) as the backbone, or network devices (cloud based small base station, MEC software platform, MEC hardware, etc.), to vertical industry solutions (smart education, smart medical, smart manufacturing, smart car networking, etc.) as the rising star, Lenovo 5g The related R & D achievements and products have made a comprehensive breakthrough in depth and breadth.

The maturity of 5g technology standard and business deployment is giving birth to the change of the basic mode of information demand in human society, which urgently requires the revolutionary improvement of information processing ability, so as to accelerate the development of a new society in 6G era characterized by popularization of digitization, ubiquitous connectivity and high intelligence. 6G’s expected new scenarios and applications need super high speed, super capacity, high reliability and low delay, which need to be built on the link and system capacity that the physical layer may provide. It is expected that the bottom layer of 6G will adopt a series of new technologies, including new technologies and materials, new devices, new frequency bands (terahertz, visible light), new duplex multiplexing mode, new electromagnetic wave propagation mode, and new methods (artificial intelligence applied to physical layer design). Compared with the previous communication systems, 6G network is expected to achieve fundamental changes to ensure higher precision end-to-end QoS or QoS e deterministic service provision, replacing the existing best effort service guarantee. In this sense, among the many predictable features of 6G network, ubiquitous intelligence, security and credibility are particularly prominent.

As one of the core areas of new infrastructure, 5g is playing a role in promoting economic transformation and upgrading and high-quality development. 6G is expected to revolutionize all aspects of human behavior by providing innovative applications. The goal of meeting the needs of information, making continuous progress to give people a safer and more convenient life, and promoting the continuous improvement of social productivity will provide continuous inspiration and power for the future development of communication technology.

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