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Tencent government cooperation platform security white paper From Tencent cloud

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Based on the Tencent government affairs collaboration platform, Tencent cloud officially released the “white paper on the security of Tencent government affairs collaboration platform” at the same time. It will aggregate the security technology capabilities and the understanding of security compliance in the aspects of terminal, network, host, application, data, etc. into the scene of government affairs collaboration platform to create a safe and reliable integrated government affairs collaboration security solution.

At present, the construction of “digital government” is widely carried out, and the security of government collaboration platform is very important because it carries a large number of government sensitive data and key business applications. However, due to the fact that the key business links of government services rely on offline scenarios, and the characteristics of government services involving a wide range of areas and complex practical application scenarios, problems such as “data island” and “security gap” are prone to occur among departments due to the disunity of platform software, which seriously affects the system security and normal use of government collaboration platform.

Recently, Tencent cloud, based on the Tencent e-government collaboration platform, officially released the “white paper on the security of Tencent e-government collaboration platform” (hereinafter referred to as the “white paper”), which integrates the security technology capabilities and the understanding of security compliance in terms of terminal, network, host, application, data, etc. into the E-government collaboration platform scene to create a safe and reliable integrated e-government collaboration Security solutions, enhance the ability of digital government risk prevention, and provide basic security support for the construction of digital government.

As early as July, Tencent government held a strategic upgrade press conference, and upgraded and released the heavyweight products “one network unified management” and “government collaboration” platform, further helping the government’s digital management and collaboration.

E-government collaborative digital speed-up and security has become the base support

Tencent, based on a large number of past experiences in digital government affairs, uses digital tools to strengthen the ability of work collaboration and enhance administrative efficiency, which has become a key link in the construction of digital governments. Tencent cloud government collaborative platform is a collaborative office information system based on wechat, which helps government departments to achieve efficient communication across departments, regions and levels. By opening up the government wechat, enterprise wechat and wechat terminals, the three terminal integrated communication among civil servants, enterprises and the public can be realized to help the government improve its cooperative combat capability. In addition, through data sharing and application interface, the platform can break through business barriers and realize mobile office and intelligent message push, so that civil servants can use mobile phones or pad to “handle papers, affairs and meetings” anytime and anywhere.

While government collaboration platform and business application effectively improve work efficiency, save administrative cost and improve business environment, a large number of government applications and business data are facing greater security risks due to the openness and complexity of network environment; and the endless network attacks further increase the challenge of government security. According to the white paper, it is an effective way to solve the problem of digital security in current government affairs to rapidly improve the security protection ability of government key business systems, enhance the ability of security early warning, event analysis and emergency response, and promote the upgrading and self-control of software and hardware.

Go deep into business and escort the whole link government cooperation

Based on the in-depth analysis of the security threats faced by the government collaboration, the white paper gives the top-level design framework of the security guarantee of Tencent government collaboration platform, and introduces the best security practices in detail. In view of the terminal, transmission, application and data security threats faced by the government collaborative office and business application in the actual scene, Tencent government collaborative platform starts from the original architecture to strengthen the security of the four business scenarios of terminal, communication network, security access and platform server, so as to realize the comprehensive upgrade of the security architecture.

Built in native security capabilities to build four core security advantages

By creating the original security, the security is integrated into the business texture of government collaboration, which changes with the change of business assets, personnel, form and boundary, so that the security is like a shadow. To strengthen the support of the original basic technology capability, in addition to the requirement that the top-level scheme design of security should be integrated into the business, the security products also need to be highly integrated and linked to cope with the risks brought by the complex network environment to the business.

First, built in native application security and data security capabilities

Application level watermarking, dynamic desensitization, attack protection, virus detection and access audit are realized through intelligent gateway.

Provide CASB plug-in for data storage encryption, and provide field level data encryption capability for database service with non intrusive configuration.

Built in KMS key management module, the whole process of national security support, meet the requirements of security and secret evaluation.

Advantage 2: terminal security capability combined with self research

· based on the massive Threat Intelligence Capability accumulated by billions of end users, support the security protection of PC terminals for government users;

· provide self-developed EMM security products for mobile terminals, follow mobile device application security specifications and data leakage prevention security standards, and can be seamlessly integrated with government collaborative applications.

Advantage 3: leading zero trust framework implemented

· hide application services from front-end users, verify all access identities, and publish business resources to the outside transparently.

· unified authentication and access control for internal and external application access to ensure security.

Fourth, innovative application security visualization and intelligent analysis

· establish an application security center to realize tenant level and application level application security visualization and safe operation, and provide closed-loop capabilities from security monitoring, early warning to event response.

· conduct intelligent analysis combined with application activities and user access to identify security risks such as unauthorized access, API abuse and data leakage.

Focus on business continuity to ensure self control

At the same time, the white paper points out that the security system of the E-government collaboration platform also focuses on the design of security capabilities to ensure business continuity and achieve independent and controllable. Through the use of service redundancy, load balancing, timeout mechanism, data replication / caching and other technologies to ensure the high reliability of the government cooperation platform. At the same time, it is suggested that the platform operator provide local emergency and disaster recovery system and multi node deployment security system of emergency recovery plan to ensure the continuity of the overall business.

In terms of security autonomy and controllability, Tencent government affairs cooperation platform actively promotes the adaptation with domestic chips and systems. As of February 2020, it has completed the adaptation work with domestic chips including Loongson, Feiteng, Huawei Hisilicon, Kunpeng, Shenwei, and domestic operating systems such as Kirin software and deepin. Relying on Tencent’s many years of experience in the field of government affairs, and more than 20 years of business security operation and black and gray industry confrontation experience in the field of security, with the industry’s top security experts, complete security big data and AI technology capabilities, Tencent can provide four-dimensional security capabilities of “intelligence attack and defense management planning” and security best practices close to the business. In the future, “government collaboration” will realize not only the collaboration within the government, but also the integration of government, enterprise and people. Thanks to Tencent security, based on the concept of self-adaptive security, giving full play to the advantages of ability, and deeply combining with the business scene of government collaboration, Tencent can strive to build a more secure and efficient digital government collaboration ability.

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