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The age of inclusive wisdom From Report of Dentsu Consumer Edition

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The latest research shows that COVID-19 accelerates the trend of long term consumption, and the brand also faces adaptive risks.

The latest report investigates the long-term consumption trends and the impact of COVID-19 on 2030.

·By 2030, technology-based health and well-being will become the main goal of consumers.

·Nearly half (46%) of Chinese consumers tend to choose one company to meet all their living needs.

·During the epidemic period, consumers pay more attention to the environment, which promotes a new round of consumer activism.

· During the epidemic period, consumers’ concerns about parties promoted the growth of demand for E-sports and virtual games.

·Many brands will be challenged by the growing number of online retailers.

Recently, dentcom officially released the latest global consumer report “inclusive smart age”, describing the long-term consumption trend that will affect the next decade. Through in-depth interviews with world-renowned futurists, scholars, writers and experts, as well as a number of special consumer surveys, this study reveals that many brands will face the trend of long-term consumption accelerated by COVID-19.

The health and well-being of consumers is the key theme of the report, and many consumers say that they tend to use technology to keep healthy in the future. More than half of U.S. consumers say they will implant chips into their brains to extend their lives. In addition, the government’s report on the impact of the epidemic on mental health shows that by 2030, one third of consumers will consider accepting unnecessary surgery to improve their mental health.

In terms of climate change, 77% of British consumers say that COVID-19 has made them more aware of the environmental damage caused by global travel. In the long run, consumption decisions based on social problems will promote consumer activism. Two thirds of British consumers say they will not buy goods they know have a negative impact on the environment by 2030.

Similarly, as more and more people stay at home during the blockade, E-sports and immersive games become more popular. It is estimated that by 2021, the awareness of global E-sports will affect 2 billion people. This will change the way we look at “real world” sports and events.

In addition, during the epidemic period, the growth of e-commerce has promoted the expansion of online retailers, and many brands will find it difficult to obtain enough exposure. The survey found that 46% of Chinese consumers would choose one company to meet all their living needs.

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