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The following is the The changing trend of Chinese family wealth under the epidemic situation From Southwest University of Finance and Economics & ant financial services recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Consumer research, Life data, research report.

The report found that, first of all, the epidemic has a greater impact on low-income groups and self-employed groups. Affected by the epidemic, the working stability of these groups has declined, and their wage income has also declined seriously. Families are facing the problem of insufficient disposable cash flow and shrinking family wealth.

Secondly, the epidemic has changed the consumption habits and patterns of families. Affected by the epidemic, the uncertainty of future expectations makes families more inclined to save rather than consume; the epidemic also makes the consumption of families change from simple online shopping to online services; income uncertainty superimposes with the increase of daily expenses, and the demand for household debt, especially consumer debt, increases, but some groups have difficulty in obtaining.

Finally, the epidemic has changed the way household assets are allocated. The epidemic situation has made families pay more attention to saving, thus increasing the demand for asset allocation; the family’s awareness of risk management has also been strengthened, and they prefer medium and low-risk investment products and insurance products; they are also more diversified in investment methods, and the demand for online financial management is increasing.

According to the above conclusions, this report suggests that:

1) We should increase the living security for low-income groups and self-employed groups in various ways. For example, we should launch the economic assistance program for the low-income group and the free occupation group, stabilize the employment market of the low-income group and the free occupation group, improve the unemployment insurance system, and increase the coverage of the vulnerable groups.

2) Many measures have been taken to boost household consumption demand. For example, we should accelerate the digital transformation of businesses and businesses, support the construction of digital life platform, apply financial subsidies or consumption vouchers to make it an effective measure to boost consumption and an amplifier to promote production, encourage the expansion of inclusive consumer credit, provide moderate liquidity support for residents, and fully support the development of digital consumer credit.

3) Comprehensive financial services focusing on family asset allocation and risk management should be carried out. For example, to meet the needs of family asset allocation, promote the development of wealth management industry and enhance the support of family savings to the real economy; promote the development of wealth management services to comprehensive financial services around family risk management, help ordinary families better carry out risk management and financial planning; vigorously develop online financial management and investment advisory services, and promote the “inclusive” of wealth management services; To meet the needs of residents’ insurance asset allocation, encourage the development of commercial health insurance, network mutual aid and other industries.

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