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The following is the The fastest growing brands in 2020 From Morning Consult recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, network marketing.

Morning consult conducts thousands of interviews with consumers around the world every day, tracking more than 4000 brands to understand people’s views on products and brands.

The main findings of this year’s ranking are as follows:

The pandemic will have a huge impact on consumer behavior in 2020: almost every brand that has a place in the list of “fastest growing brands” is meaningfully associated with pandemic related behavior, from home entertainment to cleaning products to remote connected applications and pharmaceutical companies.

Zoom is an outstanding winner this year: the video conferencing brand has soared 15 points. Only another brand, peacock, achieved double-digit growth. Zoom is also one of the fastest growing brands in every generation.

Traditional brands begin to pay attention to Z generation: emerging companies zoom and tiktok are among the top in Z generation, but there are also many well-known brands on the list, such as food network, NASCAR, Cetaphil, Pepsi, United Airlines and state farm.

Video streaming services dominate the list: Americans have a lot of free time to spend this year, and perhaps the biggest beneficiary is the new video streaming services. Six of the 20 fastest growing brands are from the video streaming Market: Peacock, tiktok, HBO max, twitch, TUBI TV and Pluto TV.

It’s another landmark year for the food and beverage distribution app: last year, four food and beverage distribution brands were ranked on the “fastest growing brands” list, with doordash at the top. Doordash is on the list again this year, with instacart and Amazon fresh joining in.

Doordash, venmo and cash app entered the top 20 for the second year in a row.

Peacock attracts more older audiences: peacock is the second fastest growing brand on the whole, and resonates with generation X and baby boomers. It increased by 16 points in Generation X, 3 points in generation Z, 11 points in millennials and 13 points in baby boomers.

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