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The gene of partnership From CMO and C level executive reports

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Infosys released the report “CMO and C-level executives – the gene of partnership”. Half of IT executives (51%) believe that CMO role can be replaced by other positions in the next two years.

The future of CMO and CIO

Regarding how CMO’s role will develop in the next two years, marketing and it respondents agreed that the main way for CMO’s role to develop will be through website and sales collateral to support sales and manage creative solutions (Marketing: 62%; it: 75%). However, it respondents are more likely than marketers to believe that the role of CMO will increasingly involve customers and new product development (Marketing: 53%; it: 60%).

The two groups of respondents have different estimates of the third way of CMO role development. Half of it respondents (51%) believed that CMO would be replaced by other chief marketing officers (such as chief growth officer), while marketing respondents believed that the role would evolve into a visionary person with the next big idea (54%).

When it comes to the role of CIO and the way it develops, the attitude of marketing and it departments is more similar. Most people believe that the role will develop with the task of utilizing technical knowledge (Marketing: 71%; it: 64%); 50% of respondents in both groups believe that setting a vision and cooperating with CMO will determine the future of CIO.

In other words, it respondents are more confident that the role of CIO will gradually develop into customer-oriented solutions, global opportunities and new revenue lines (Marketing: 33%; it: 42%).

Top business objectives

A survey of the top business objectives of digital marketing programs also shows the differences between marketing teams and it teams.

Both marketing and it respondents believe that improving customer experience is a key goal (Marketing: 54%; it: 46%). 50% of marketing staff think that seamless customer participation through multi-channel is also one of the key goals, but only 23% of it respondents think so.

Although it respondents thought that changing corporate culture (46%) and improving operational efficiency (42%) were the primary goals of digital marketing strategy, few marketing respondents had the same idea (31%).

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