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The impact of lot boxes on children and young people From GHA

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The latest findings of GHA are as follows:

One sixth of the young players (15%) bought lot boxes with their parents’ money without their parents’ permission;

One out of 10 parents (11%) used their parents’ credit or debit cards to buy a lot box;

One in 10 borrowers (9%) can’t repay the money spent on the loot box;

Young gamers’ habit of buying a lot box has forced their families to refinance their homes to pay for it.

In addition to the average purchase price of the game (35 pounds), almost a quarter of the respondents (22%) spent more than 100 pounds on the loot box to complete the game, indicating that young people are developing expensive and potentially addictive habits during Christmas.

Many respondents believe that lot box has damaged their game experience for many reasons, including:

Games are “the way to win” – it’s impossible to play without spending a lot of money on the lot box.

The probability of getting valuables is very low, which makes them feel depressed;

The features around the loot box and their use in games make them particularly addictive.

The vast majority of young people associate the purchase of a lot box with gambling, 91% of the respondents agree to classify a lot box as a form of gambling; three quarters (76%) believe that it is illegal for people under the age of 18 to buy a lot box. Players also believe that they may be the gateway to other forms of gambling, with two fifths (41%) of respondents believing that spending money on the loot box before the age of 18 will make them more likely to fall into gambling when they are older.

In line with the views of young players, GHA classifies paid lot boxes as gambling and prohibits their use in games under the age of 18. GHA also asked the government to take measures to protect young people and vulnerable groups from gambling products.

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