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The number of cities in 2021 Changsha From Huge amount of calculation

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In Changsha, there are 10000 ways to experience a better life. It is a city where people can live. From thousands of people who punch in Changsha, we find that food has become a necessary activity for people to punch in Changsha. From stinky tofu, rice noodles to sugar oil Baba, you can experience the “spicy” snacks, and enjoy the “hot” traditional food. Hunan cuisine, crayfish, hot pot, etc. will start your food journey in Changsha.

“Going to Changsha is to have a cup of tea and make you look good.”. In the city publicity of Changsha, tea has become a new city name card after stinky tofu and Orange Island. A cup of milk tea, pouring traditional culture and ultimate service, may be its magic. And “Cha Yan Yue se, super Wen he you” and so on, as the net red in the net red, become new urban elements, with new forces to drive the development of the city. We found that women have become the backbone of punch in people, accounting for nearly 80%.

The more night, the more Changsha. This city doesn’t like sleep. It’s a real city that never sleeps“ Changsha people not only enjoy food and entertainment, but also love reading books and newspapers.

It is still active from 10:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., and food is never absent, which accounts for the largest proportion of the clock out activities. A cup of milk tea and a hot pot are the consolation for a better life. Similarly, visiting museums and reading books are indispensable.

Multi faceted literature and art and beautiful scenery

When the city’s food and entertainment life is rich, the cultural heritage behind it may be forgotten. However, Changsha adapts to the new trend of popular culture and faces the public with a new attitude. In other words, the hustle and bustle and fireworks in Changsha are the outbreak of the profound cultural accumulation behind it.

In Changsha intangible cultural heritage culture, Huagu opera, Hunan opera and other traditional intangible cultural heritage art meet with the public in a new form, of which Huagu Opera plays accounted for 95%.

Three day tour, weekend clock out, Changsha may have become the city of “say go”. In addition to the attraction of delicious food, the beautiful life in Changsha is also worth punching in. Taiping old street, Pozi street, Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street, wenheyou and other places are full of people. In 2020, nearly 100000 people will clock in Changsha during the “National Day” holiday to experience the beautiful life in Changsha.

In addition to natural scenery such as Yuelu Mountain and Songya Lake National Wetland Park, Changsha also reveals profound cultural atmosphere. Wuyi Square, Orange Island, window of the world in Changsha and Taiping old street are full of culture and fireworks.

Smart Life

In the past decades, Changsha’s manufacturing industry has developed from nothing, from existence to strength, from strength to intelligence. Sany group, Zoomlion, Shanhe intelligent and CRCC heavy industries are among the top 50 construction machinery enterprises. As a result, Changsha has become the only city with four top 50 construction machinery enterprises in the world.

City City, city tiktok, from the record of beautiful life to the IP of the energy city, while shaking the city’s culture, it has created a number of charismatic city images. Changsha, a city with a unique landscape and a unique scenery, is relying on the media channel to spread to everyone and become a tidal city.

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