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The power to shape the future From Asset and wealth management change

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2020 is an unusual year for society, the global economy and the asset and wealth management (AWM) industry. Due to the turbulence of financial market, the scale of asset management industry fluctuates after years of steady growth, and the future fluctuation may continue.

Even if vaccines and treatment programmes can defeat COVID-19, the world we live in will never be the same again. When the turning point comes, the leaders of asset management industry will also usher in opportunities. At present, the scale of asset management invested in the theme of environment, society and Governance (ESG) reaches 110 trillion US dollars, which undoubtedly endows asset management institutions with the ability to change the world. With their own efforts and cooperation with key stakeholders including the government and the invested companies, asset management institutions can play a huge role in the following three major tasks, and use this power to shape the future.

Funding: asset management institutions can guide capital and aim at investment opportunities, so as to help the economy out of recession and maintain excellent capital returns.

Gain: in the face of economic weakness, ultra-low interest rates and tight government health and welfare budgets, asset management institutions can help customers achieve savings goals and make up for pension gaps by achieving risk adjusted gains.

Embrace ESG: for some investors, financial return will remain the top priority. However, more and more investors expect asset management institutions to take ESG into account when making investment strategies. This shift has had a disruptive impact on product design, asset allocation and performance targets.

As a leader of asset management, the core challenge is not only to undertake social responsibility, but also to fulfill the fiduciary responsibility of optimizing the return on investment. Many investors no longer accept the alternative.

However, it is only the first step to reflect on the goal orientation of the organization in the three major tasks, so as to achieve the mutual benefit of social benefits and financial returns. In addition, we should repair the operation, enhance the competitiveness, and reset the investment strategy and organizational capacity to achieve the new mission. The final step is to report on business change and progress towards goals. In this report, we will provide suggestions on four key initiatives: reflection, repair, reset and reporting.

In the next decade, asset management institutions that can create outstanding social benefits and financial returns for customers at the same time will undoubtedly become the best. They will attract a lot of investment and continue to create excellent returns for shareholders and partners.

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