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The following is the The road to rejuvenation of old brand domestic products in 2020 — a detailed analysis of MARUMI’s social media marketing strategy recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, network marketing.

When the increment aims at the Z generation, the brand finally finds that it knows little about this new consumption. It is often seen. However, Luzhou Lao Jiao has been burning the new net. Domestic beauty brands are not weak either. Local brands, taking MARUMI as a specimen, swipe the whole network through events and content marketing.

How do they play pan entertainment platform in the era of social media marketing? How to accurately market new consumers who seem to have low customer orders? And how to create their own pop, star products step by step?

Durable light luxury goods aimed at young people dare to earn and spend

Born in 2002, MARUMI has a high reputation among domestic brands. However, in recent years, there are many popular brands on the Internet, and the beauty track is crowded. New people are not interested in the inherent brand power. All brands are reshaping their marketing keywords, promoting their thinking, and striving to establish a new dialogue with users.

From the perspective of products and brands, we should maintain the advantages of inherent products, and stick to the track of exquisite skin care eye cream to meet the needs of market differentiation competition: 1. Build a clear and accurate brand positioning; 2. Strong R & D strength and R & D system; 3. Strong production and supply chain management ability; 4. Multi channel collaborative development and refined sales system.

Through the core competitiveness of historical precipitation, in the face of 25-45 years old mature women who have a greater demand for eye care, the core influence communication is carried out, and the interest content is created for 18-24 years old new users, which is short, flat and fast. And according to the core, new crowd, constantly iterative new products.

On the basis of products, not to let users see the new MARUMI, but to let MARUMI influence new customers. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that in recent years, the core marketing goal is to “shape the brand, improve the tone, and make people younger”.

Through years of terminal services and targeted marketing, we can create a relatively high-end brand image, cultivate a high loyalty customer group, and achieve steady growth through the upgrading and price increase of star categories driven by consumption upgrading.

First of all, it is the selection of official spokesmen. Based on the strong correlation between star image and brand image, Zhou Xun, who is smart, real and has excellent temperament, has been endorsing the brand for seven years. In 520 this year, at the live broadcast of MARUMI IP Festival – member day, Zhou Xun participated in the live broadcast and shared his daily eye care experience, talked about the girl’s mind freely, and used “little red pen” products to create an infectious aftereffect with a real “consumer” attitude.

This year, MARUMI not only selected spokesmen to create a high-end image, but also began to pay attention to younger traffic. After the cooperation between guanxuan MARUMI and Zhu Zhengting, only the corner of Zhu Zhengting’s eye, a microblog topic, has read 330 million and interacted with 122.3 million.

The selection of stars is not only the integration of the inherent temperament of the brand, but also the reconstruction of MARUMI’s overall brand image, value and influence on the crowd. Besides the brand marketing core with its own traffic, it is also implanted in new variety shows, reality shows, big head stickers, star broadcast and other ways to integrate products into the plot, so that the audience can be transformed into invisible consumers imperceptibly, taking advantage of the power of stars and IP, Enhance brand flow, expand consumer audience for star products. In recent years, through the upgrading of star products and the launch of high-end new series, the company has maintained a rapid growth.

Young marketing thinking: social media platform becomes the focus

When it comes to younger marketing, MARUMI is well versed in social media marketing. Through creative products, social media marketing and fan economy, MARUMI makes efforts to make the brand younger, and penetrates into the hinterland of young people through three mainstream content playing methods.

1, content marketing: micro-blog, Xiao Hong, jtiktok and B station are the marketing positions of pill beauty, invite beauty makeup bloggers to share eye care knowledge and build brand goodwill.

2. Activities / topics / interactive marketing: MARUMI creates in the social media platform: my eyes will shine, Zhu Zhengting’s corner of the eye, and other kinds of topic binding interaction. From the perspective of creativity and interest, MARUMI has an in-depth insight into the needs and preferences of the post-95’s and Post-00’s.

3. Cross border marketing: cross industry to create new aesthetic trends, such as MARUMI eye cream Festival, together with Japan’s popular illustration masters to play fashion cross-border, launched elastic limited IP gift box.

At the same time, the high flow and strong popularity brought by social media launch is the basis of breaking the brand. In addition to the mainstream play, MARUMI has a good way to select KOL content, KOL and launch platform.

1. From the perspective of KOL content, its launch content focuses on the product itself. According to the big data of microbroadshow, the top 3 content grass planting of Wanmei are professional evaluation, single product grass planting and good thing sharing.

2. From the perspective of grass planting platform, we focus on microblog, xiaohongshu, wechat and B station. Propagation path: tiktok spread from micro-blog, Xiao Hong, WeChat, B station, and the long tail propagation.

3. From the KOL level distribution of grass planting, most of the main body is the tail KOL. Pyramid KOL communication matrix, in which the stars and head KOL focus on microblog and little red book.

4. From the perspective of KOL vertical category, it is the same as most beauty brands, with a large amount of KOL in the same circle. Mainly beauty and daily KOL, and radiate to other circles.

Grasp the rhythm of popular models and create the unique brand understanding of Z generation

Brand communication is not a methodology. Facing the needs of thousands of people, especially the new group of Z generation, it must be integrated into the brand content to create a unique cultural circle.

According to the data, the three key words of young people’s consumption are “social interaction, self satisfaction and interest”, and interest and hobby are the basis of social interaction and self satisfaction. MARUMI’s new product, little red pen, which went online this year, has formed a strong brand exposure through the trilogy of b-station penetration, traditional launch and media matrix.

In order to attract the new generation of young consumer groups, MARUMI has targeted the cultural community B station gathered by generation Z as a major communication position of the activity, and joined hands with the popular Guoman IP “fox demon little Hongniang” to create a MARUMI oriental country Manyan competition.  

#MARUMI Oriental Manyan competition starts with a magic mixed cut video. In the video, animation characters and stars share the same screen PK “eye” technology. The interesting content has attracted many users of B station to watch.  

At the same time, @ nervous cat cake, @ old demon of umbilical cord, @ brother worm said that special up owners also released original videos according to the rules of the competition. With the demonstration of KOL and rich prize settings, many users have uploaded their own original Oriental eye videos to participate in the competition.  

Thanks to the popularity of Guoman IP, “MARUMI Oriental eye” has broken the dimension perfectly in station B. the new product “little red pen” has been highly exposed, and its recognition in young circles has been greatly improved.  

In addition to the main position of station B, we continue to make brand and product exposure through traditional channels such as offline large screen and building advertising, radiating a wider range of user groups. Follow up joint media matrix, light up the story behind the Oriental eye, secondary communication, hot topics. Combined with the interaction effect of social media platform of stars and KOL, the whole network focuses its attention and is deeply rooted in the hearts of users.

Under a round of operation, its little red pen Oriental eye contest has become a phenomenal marketing event, stimulating young people’s preferences, breaking through various circles, making its new products strong out of the circle, online traffic operation and offline distribution, helping sales soar.

Is it true that only the whole product with the Internet red label can get out of the circle? It is not. The inherent brand value of large domestic manufacturers can be achieved through value creation and secondary value burst. Looking at brands that want to be younger, we take MARUMI’s new marketing road to summarize the following three suggestions:

1. Maintain the tone: MARUMI has won the “light luxury” young users with high-profile, positioned its new products at the middle and high end, and competed in the anti-aging market.

2. Dialogue with young people: talk with users in a young language, and do not give up the long-term cultural value of the brand. Actively face the new platform, find their favorite voice and culture.

3. Find the transformation path: multi brand layout of e-commerce channels, online communication + offline distribution + user feedback.

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