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For brands and advertisers, predicting behavior change can benefit from it. As a result, comScore began to quantify some of the trends in 2020 and assess their impact on 2021 and beyond.

Not surprisingly, the global pandemic has led to a change in media consumption, with global consumers spending more time on the Internet. However, due to the reduction of advertising budget in economic uncertainty, the ability of brands and advertisers to quickly use this audience group is limited. ComScore’s report sets out the scale and direction of changes in consumer behavior to help advertisers calibrate their plans.

There are three main points

IPTV is reducing barriers to cross media marketing. Internet TV (CTV) brings the flexibility of online advertising to traditional TV, and its fast-growing share of home users also increases its relevance. The data shows that marketers are more and more skilled in adjusting advertising spending through CTV and other digital channels in real time according to the changing economic situation.

The time frame is getting shorter and shorter. 2020 has shown the speed at which everything can change. Data show that companies with good wind direction can climb to the peak in a few weeks. Of course, it’s impossible to know exactly what the future holds. Therefore, the focus is on the ability to continuously experiment, measure, learn and iterate.

The use of different technology platforms is increasingly specialized. The data reveals how to capture most of the audience’s time with the least amount of advertising on a given platform. In short, desktops are for work and mobile devices for relaxation. The context can be inferred more easily according to the device type, so the advertising series can be adjusted according to the context determined by the audience profile and platform.

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