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In 2020, online education will shine. Especially in the first half of the year, the online class characterized by online live interactive teaching was popularized rapidly, which timely made up for the vacancy caused by the abnormal development of offline teaching, and also showed the huge social value and development space of this new form of education.

The economic value of online courses can not be underestimated. Among the listed enterprises in the industry, some have a market value of nearly 100 billion yuan and a single quarter revenue of nearly 2 billion yuan; among the unlisted enterprises, the highest valuation has exceeded 100 billion yuan.

In order to help employees, investors and other relevant people understand the development trend and future development trend of online course industry, the research group of Key Laboratory of big data mining and knowledge management of Chinese Academy of Sciences carried out investigation and research through data analysis, questionnaire survey and other forms, and formed the “white paper of online course market in China in 2020 and the 2021 forward-looking report”.

The report points out that, looking back on the development of online education industry and online course field in 2020, it can be summarized as five key words: mainstream, tuyere, differentiation, profit, and standardization – online education changes from minority to mainstream; capital boosts tuyere; oligarch centralizes 28 pattern appears; it is still difficult to achieve profit after standardization; the government supports and standardizes online education to promote the development of online education The industry is developing well.

From the perspective of business growth, during the epidemic period, the online class platform poured into huge traffic, and the number of new users increased explosively. Some online products even doubled.

From the perspective of user cognition, with the rapid penetration of online class products in the market, parents’ awareness, acceptance and trust of online class have also improved significantly.

From the perspective of investment and financing, the total investment of online education online course brand in 2020 is even the sum of previous years.

From the perspective of national policies, a series of policies represented by the notice on Further Strengthening the standardized management of online class platforms involving minors have been issued to promote the further improvement and standardization of online class industry.

However, while booming, online education online course industry is also facing multiple challenges. It includes a series of problems, such as high customer acquisition cost, enterprise profit difficulty, product and service homogenization, which need to be faced by industry participants.

In the future, with the continuous application of artificial intelligence and big data technology, as well as the increasing acceptance of online education courses by parents and users, the report believes that in 2021, the domestic online education industry will continue to grow, and the industry will also show some changes: sinking to the third and fourth tier cities, intensifying competition among top teachers, speeding up the reshuffle of the industry, further refining supervision and management, etc .

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