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Thoughts on the core issues of gold mining development From White paper on China’s mining development

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Since ancient times, gold has been precious, just like selling horses and talents. As the only product with dual attributes of commodity and currency, in 2020, with the spread of COVID-19 and the downward trend of the global economy, the global price of gold continued to be high, and the industry fever remained high. While fully displaying the essence of hard currency, it also spawned a series of new thinking about the development of banking industry.

No matter in which stage or in what environment, development is always the core theme of gold enterprises. Since the 13th five year plan, with the gold mining industry stepping into the stock age, the development strategy of gold enterprises has undergone obvious evolution. In addition to paying attention to tapping the potential of existing mines and improving the output, the extension merger and acquisition has become the core means to increase resources and output.

Based on the extensive growth model, the construction of investment and M & a system has become the top priority of gold enterprises. In order to strengthen the ability of investment and M & A, enterprises need to pay attention to the establishment of standardized process system, strengthen the ability of resource evaluation, improve the capital operation system, create a salary incentive system, and combine the body with the application, so as to establish a comprehensive guarantee for the success of investment and M & A.

At the same time, under the trend of accelerated expansion of gold enterprises, the traditional property right structure management mode has been difficult to meet the development needs. Leading enterprises have reshaped the management structure and management mode, and constantly adjusted and optimized according to the changes of stage demand, so as to ensure that the organization management and control adapt to the development needs, and continuously strengthen the professional ability and management efficiency.

In addition to the two core issues of strategy and organization, the market has put forward more targeted development requirements for gold enterprises: gold enterprises need to promote lean management, seek benefits from operation and production, and in the process of development, they need to adhere to safety and environmental protection, implement strategic procurement, promote informatization + digitization, and establish cost control system.


Recently, Roland Berger management consulting company released the report “white paper on China’s mining development – Thinking on the core issues of gold mining development”. This report interprets the gold mining industry from the four dimensions of strategy, M & A, organization and operation, aiming to help more gold mining enterprises move forward, pursue excellence and create value together.

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