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Top 10 consumer trends in 2030 From Ericsson

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The following is the Top 10 consumer trends in 2030 From Ericsson recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: 5g industry, Consumer research, research report.

At present, we are stepping into a 5g world based on screen, and smart phones become indispensable, but people don’t think the world will stop there. When the interaction between human and technology is gradually reflected in the sensory world, perceptual Internet will gradually integrate into people’s daily life.

When you sit in the kitchen and think of an Arabian evening feast, the room changes. Arabic music is playing gently. The original plain tiles show bright patterns. The fragrance of delicious food is coming. Flowers are all over the dining table, and candles are slowly lit. At this time, the digital avatar of a good friend also appears on the chair, next to the calendar. You can “create an invitation” with a little movement.

Feel the Internet and make dreams come true. This insight report is a research project based on Ericsson’s long-term consumer trends. This year is the ninth year of the project. Through the survey, and based on the survey results, this quantitative trend report is produced. Using scientific methods, it has a unique insight into the market and consumer trends, and explores the future of interconnection for consumers, all walks of life and sustainable society.

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