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According to the 2021 global risk assessment report of the think tank of Eurasia Group, the world is experiencing the most serious crisis in decades, and how to deal with the sustained impact of the new coronavirus epidemic economically will be the top priority this year.

The report predicts that the world will face the following ten risks in 2021:

The 46th president of the United States

Although Biden won the 2020 election, trump claimed that the election results had been stolen and refused to accept them. Nearly half of the American people and legislators regard the future owner of the Oval Office as illegal. This highlights the seriousness of the division of the United States.

Long new coronavirus pandemic

Although the good news about the new coronavirus vaccine came at the beginning of this year, even if the mass vaccination started, the epidemic situation and its extensive impact could not disappear immediately. The epidemic will leave behind high public debt, unemployment and loss of trust. Emerging markets may also face a financial crisis.

Climate: net zero emission meets “zero nation group”

Many countries and enterprises have announced the implementation of new policies to deal with the increasingly serious climate crisis, but the energy transformation will be dominated by competition, which will lead to the lack of coordination.

Global data clearing

In 2021, restricting or banning the cross-border flow of sensitive data will have an impact on business models that rely on the free flow of data.

Network critical point

Low probability, high impact risk and irresistible technology trend will bring unprecedented technology and geopolitical risk to the network conflict in 2021.

Turkey in the cold

With the increasing pressure at home and abroad in the future, Erdogan will once again seek to stimulate expansion. Some of its dynamics will not only aggravate social tensions, but also lead to more foreign policy risks that incite nationalist sentiment and distract Erdogan supporters. This will isolate Turkey.

Middle East: low oil price has bad effect

Energy prices will continue to remain low, putting more pressure on some governments in the region that faced instability before the outbreak of the new coronavirus. Many governments will cut spending, which will hurt the emerging private sector, increase unemployment and slow the pace of reform.

Europe after Merkel’s departure

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has always been the most important leader in Europe. She is about to leave office, which will bring the biggest risk to the European continent. Without Merkel’s political skills, the EU will face unprecedented internal divisions. Europe’s economic recovery will also face uncertainty, and the European Central Bank will face more pressure.

Latin America is disappointing

After the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Latin American countries will face more serious political, social and economic problems than before.

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