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The following is the Top 10 required skills for KOL to enhance its “business value” From Crowley recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, Webcast.

Compulsory one: human design & label

The main consideration of building artificial design is to find the balance point between sag and width. The more vertical the personal settings are, the higher the degree of fit between fans and users will be, but the scope of coverage will also be correspondingly narrower. The larger the width of the personal settings, the more tags, the wider the coverage, and the more blurred the profile of fans.

At the same time, label more. Tags can be said to be professional certification in a field, which can improve the attention of fans in a certain field. People with multiple tags can often provide better opportunities for the development of diversified KOL.

Compulsory 2: Originality

Nowadays, the content audit mechanism of each platform is improving day by day, and more and more attention is paid to original works. If the creator wants to go further, he must have strong original ability, strong personal style in the works, and his own ideas and opinions, which is conducive to the accumulation of fans and content dissemination.

Compulsory 3: professional content

If KOL has the working experience or background related to the vertical category of content, and knows the relevant products very well, it will be easy for people to leave the label of “industry expert”, so as to gain the trust of users more easily, and the product industry will have more persuasive and grass planting power.

Compulsory four: content expression form

At present, the major platforms are rich in content and various forms of content. But in general, these are the main forms related to products, such as evaluation, unpacking, daily sharing, story telling, knowledge popularization, personal display, etc. The expression forms with strong grass planting power are often displayed in professional form, which are more persuasive. They can also gain fans with high trust through their own experience sharing. Pure personal display is not easy to be commercialized because of its low correlation with products.

Compulsory 5: fans’ acquisition and retention

The main three factors to measure KOL’s commercial value are: fan base, fan activity and fan intimacy. Among them, fan base is the main reference of market bargaining power.

Compulsory six: concept transfer

Through the positive concept of content output, we can establish KOL image and establish a strong relationship with fans. Sharing healthy lifestyle through content and community can shorten the distance with fans and lay the foundation for product recommendation. Sharing good things for your own use is the main way to plant grass.

Compulsory seven: added value

In addition to the promotion of KOL’s commercial value by popular content, KOL’s recognition, social identity and participation in public welfare activities by the platform or relevant institutions can add value, which is conducive to KOL’s commercial bargaining.

Compulsory 8: content symbiosis

By creating high-quality content, you can obtain a large number of fans and brand resources. Want to further improve, need strong service ability to help brand marketing. To actively communicate with the brand side, looking for marketing rhythm.

Compulsory 9: market recognition

The historical data determines the opportunity to obtain the red man cooperation, and the real feedback helps the brand owner to evaluate the business value. Brands often take KOL order quantity, data feedback of order content and evaluation of historical partners as reference.

Compulsory 10: product understanding

KOL should have strong product description ability, be able to highlight the characteristics of products through content form and copywriting, and transfer the brand concept to the people, so as to improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, KOL should consider how to integrate into its own style, reduce business traces, and make fans accept it. Only by using their own professional degree, multi perspective and way to express the product, can we enhance the market recognition.

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